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In the current techno-digital era, there’s an ever-growing list of activities performed by smartphones. Every day, new technology is piped into smartphones, especially iPhones, to enhance their usage. However, with the global appetite for iPhones, there are rising concerns for parents, spouses, and employers who want to safeguard their personal interests as well as of their loved ones. Today, no balancing act is more nuanced than enabling an effective use of technology. Tons of people constantly face this struggle. In order to become cautious in every step of life, people have started using spying software. if you’re familiar with location-based services in smartphones, then this must not come as a surprise to you. There are a plethora of spy apps dominating the monitoring spectrum. From among them, we have curated for you two best monitoring apps that deliver all they promise: Xnspy and Flexispy. Though you might come across many reviews of these apps, they are often biased and skewed. Here, we provide a detailed comparison of both the spy apps so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

1. Xnspy

xnspy-1-1 Designed specifically for less savvy users, Xnspy tops the list as the best iPhone spy app. You’ll come across positive reviews of this app on many forums. Because it’s fairly new, Xnspy is less complicated and less controversial in its usage than other apps. Read further to check its potential!


Being a handy surveillance tool, Xnspy offers state-of-the-art features for device monitoring and reporting. These features provide diverse uses and possibilities to the potential users.

  • Call and text monitoring

You can record all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls and monitor their frequency. Similarly, you can read not only text messages but also message correspondence of your target on other communication platforms including WhatsApp, iMessages, Skype, etc. Along with the calls and texts, you can keep tabs on call and message details.

  • Watch-list alerts

To determine a specific caller or to find out about any unauthorized activity on text messages or to depict the whereabouts of your target, you can add watch-list alerts on calls, texts, and location tracking. These alerts will immediately notify you if something unusual occurs.

  • Call and surrounding recording

Xnspy automatically records the calls and surroundings so that you can listen to them later. You can hear the phonic conversations of your target and also listen to their surroundings to determine the in-room conversations taking place near your target.

  • Internet monitoring

Online activities of the target can be monitored through Xnspy which tracks the complete web history of the target browsed through his iPhone. Any bookmarks placed on a website can also be monitored. Moreover, the user can view any social media activities of the target on Instagram, Tinder, etc.

  • Remote commands

You can remotely command the control panel of Xnspy to carry out certain tasks. These commands may include wiping data from the target phone, blocking certain apps, taking live screenshots of the device or commanding the target device to lock automatically.

Compatibility and installation:

Xnspy works best with all iOS devices. When it comes to iPhones, they can be either Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak. Jailbreak phones require the physical installation of the app while in Non-Jailbreak iPhones, only iCloud login credentials of the target are required to begin spying. This is a hassle-free method of spying used by less savvy users. Overall, Xnspy is a cinch to install. It takes 3-5minutes for the app to get it running on the target iPhone. The app runs quietly in the background and has a hidden icon in the target device. Unlike other spy apps, it does not require any configuration or license codes for verification during installation. Thus, it has a less complex method of installation.

Pricing details:

One reason why Xnspy has gained popularity in such a short time is its affordable pricing. This iPhone spy app is ideal for budgeted users. There are two subscription packages: basic and premium. Both the packages differ in the range of features offered in them. Here are the pricing details: Xnspy iOS Basic                                                                          Xnspy iOS Premium

  • Monthly @ $49.99/month                                                       Monthly @ $59.99/month
  • Quarterly @ $23.33/month                                                     Quarterly @ $33.33/month
  • Yearly @ $8.33/month                                                              Yearly @ $12.49/month

2. Flexispy

flexispy-1 If you want to pursue advanced monitoring, you cannot ignore Flexispy. The app is definitely a forerunner when it comes to spying. It is designed to be user-friendly and offers proficiency in spying. Though Flexispy is a remarkably efficient iPhone spy app, it has often been in the limelight because of some controversies pertaining to its legality. Check out the review of this premium app!


Flexispy is undisputedly seamless in its operations and features. It is loaded with features and covers all aspects of a monitoring plan. It offers all the features provided by other apps and lures the customers because of its add-ons. Here are some unique yet exciting features of Flexispy:

  • Keylog tracking

Flexispy helps you secretly crack the passwords of the target iPhone. The keylogger finds the record of all the passcodes of various applications within the target iPhone. Entire password history of the target is available on the online console in form of encrypted log.

  • Facetime Spy cam

iOS users can Facetime with each other just like we do on Skype. With this feature, you can secretly switch on both the mic and the camera and listen to live calls of your target along with viewing their surroundings through the camera. This real-time monitoring of the target also uploads live images of the target during Facetiming on the control panel.

  • Listen to live calls

Flexispy is the only monitoring software that allows the user to listen to live phonic conversations of the target with their contacts on all the incoming and outgoing calls. This is done in stealth mode so that the target does not find out about spying.

  • Spoof SMS correspondence

Another unique mobile feature you’ll ever come across is spoof SMS. This feature allows you to send a direct message to any of the contacts of the target through an online dashboard. This fake SMS is sent from your target phone just like a normal message and is a powerful tool to gain additional information from the target contacts.

  • Monitoring social media and the internet

The list of social media accounts for monitoring is quite long. You can monitor Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, WeChat, etc. This tracking service covers many other apps apart from these to ensure digital surveillance of the target.

Compatibility and installation:

Flexispy is compatible with all iOS devices and the app is regularly updated to keep pace with the latest operating systems. To use this app, your target iPhone must be Jailbreak. It is quite a complicated app so it must be physically installed in the target device. There is no such thing as the remote installation in Flexispy. One downside of this app is that even if your target device is Non-jailbroken, you need to Jailbreak it to begin spying. Since it offers advanced functioning, Flexispy takes time for installation. It requires configuration and license codes for verification during the installation process. It requires technical skills to guess how to navigate this software.

Pricing details:

As it offers an extensive range of features and enhanced functionality, Flexispy is a bit expensive. This spy app is mostly used by hi-tech monitoring users who require a demanding monitoring tool. Thus, it’s available for a specific group of people. The app offers two subscription packages: Premium and extreme. Both the packages differ in the range of features offered. Flexispy iOS Premium                                                                    Flexispy iOS Extreme

  • Monthly @ $68/month                                                                  Quarterly @ $199/3 months
  • Quarterly @ $99/3 months                                                           Yearly @ $349/12 months
  • Yearly @ $149/12 months

The Verdict!

Both the spy apps popular among the masses because of their widespread usage. In order to determine which monitoring app is better from among both, we have created a benchmark under which they are scrutinized.

Features Performance Pricing
Flexispy is a clear winner in this area. It offers 150+ features, some ubiquitous and some unique. Xnspy offers 30+ features that are all available in Flexispy. Xnspy takes the lead as it is simpler to use by all. It offers a smooth performance without any complexities. Flexispy is technical and more complicated. With its affordable pricing, Xnspy leads the pricing competition. It is much cheaper than Flexispy, in fact, 3 times cheaper than Flexispy.

Winner: Looking at the above scenario, Xnspy iPhone spy app stands winner amongst the two spy apps. With its all-around features, better pricing policy and timely performance, it does a commendable job at spying. Also Read: 6 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android

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