5 Apps that Turn Android Into a Music Eden

Our music-loving Freepps.top members, including me, often argue: “There’s nothing new to listen!” That’s why we decided to test more than 20 music apps to find those which can satisfy even most avid listeners. Here is a completely experience-based review.

1. Pandora Radio

Pandora app is not actually an app for FM radio listening. It brings principal of broadcasting to the brand new level. First of all, it turns your smartphone into an internet music streaming source, providing a range of convenient tools for that. To start from scratch, on the main screen you are offered to create your personal station. It’s needed not only for sharing your tastes but generally for making up separate streams. Search filters allow you to choose genres, artists, and popularity of contents.

When you finish with that, Pandora algorithms automatically make up a music stream based on your preferences in the best way amongst any similar apps. To save some time you can browse for ready-made stations by other users, but it’s quite possible that you would lose some tracks you may like. There are thousands of streams, so it’s possible to find some suitable ones. Again, the benefit of your own station is that you can teach it your genuine taste by pressing thumb up and down. At Freepps.top we even created a station, which played tracks everyone liked by pressing “like” one by one.

2. Google Play Music

There’s no need to download it, as Play Music is already in your phone! It’s impossible to skip comparison with Apple Music and here’s the mid-verdict: PM has almost the same releases, but for a lower subscription price; you can download your own music into it without the help of iTunes.

Similarly to Pandora, app considers your thumbs to build compilations which presumably match your taste. This feature works indisputably fine. Choose a playlist, like or dislike 4-5 songs, and receive a good mix

Another time-saving feature is radio-mode. You can switch it while listening to any song to launch a downloadable smart playlist. It would include songs which match the origin’s mood.

Next huge plus is downloading algorithm. Unlike Apple Music, PM performs much better in cases of bad internet connection. You can additionally adjust the quality of playback to save mobile data.

3. Deezer

Deezer is another Freepps.top editor’s choice and it’s a quality embodiment of service’s web version. Unlike previous apps, it has an actual radio playback feature with regional suggestions. You can also listen to podcasts and even listen to live sports matches. Such a multi-tool solution it is!

Discovering new music here is very engaging. You can choose the “Flow” mode which is quite similar to Pandora’s but without any restrictions. Algorithms work on a high level, so you won’t hear any tracks which don’t match your favorite genres and moods.

You can “heart” new tracks to get them into downloadable “favorites” playlist which updates on all of your linked devices. If this folder doesn’t fulfill your browsing needs create playlists by your own and add tracks manually.

Another great feature for fans is “lyrics” button. Texts are attached to all songs, so there is completely no need to use browser apps to find them.

4. Spotify

Spotify music streaming service has a strong social slant. It provides a platform for sharing tracks and playlists with your friends and following your favorite artists. The community of this title is so big you can feel it. Making friends depending on music tastes has never been so natural.

Creation of personalized playlists is convenient, because you may choose any song in any location and add it to a specific playlist in your library or switch on a radio mode to stream songs which have a similar mood. The whole library is downloadable in a single tap to provide access to favorites wherever you are. Ordering tracks is extremely good because you are not pushed to use only basic A-Z or New-Old filters. Order of tracks is fully adjustable in swipes, so you can make up party mixes in minutes. To polish mixtapes, you can set the needed crossfade level.

5. YouTube Music

This one is the youngest online music streaming service so far and it has some unique features. As a part of the biggest video hosting, it has integrated video playback. If you listen to a song, it certainly has a video which is switchable in a single tap.

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Same to YouTube you can follow artists. The more you subscribe, the better the suggestions you get. However, it’s better to create a sub-account for this music app, because it’s not comfortable to see music suggestions in the main YouTube account which is basically for non-musical content.

Surprisingly, the app makes offers based on some very specific circumstances, such as region, time, and even weather! Geeks would also enjoy “stats for nerds” option which provides a deep look on technical preferences of each stream.

The Verdict

All in all, it’s up to you to decide which app is number one here, but all of these 5 have distinctive features to match users with different habits of listening to music. Free trials would help you make a deliberate choice.

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