5 Ways Excessive Tech Use Affects Kids – Use Best Parental Control App To Protect Them!

Kids and electronic devices go together. Whenever they go, they take their devices with them. As a result, you also find them engrossed in these devices on the dining table, in bed, bathroom, while studying and even when they are doing nothing but lying on the living room sofa. When they don’t have anything to do, they keep checking their phones, that’s how much they are addicted to these devices.

This attachment with technology is taking a negative toll on them. Here are the different ways these devices are affecting them:

1. Health

Health issues like obesity and eyesight damage are increasing in kids who use their devices extensively. The blue light released from these devices has an effect on eyes, metabolism, hormones and the brain. The eyes get tired and itchy and eyesight is impaired. It disrupts the sleep patterns as well. The hormonal imbalance causes an increase in diet, resulting in obesity. Lack of physical activity is also a reason for it.

2. Attention Deficiency

These are also responsible for causing focusing difficulties. The attention spans of humans have decreased to 8 seconds from 12 seconds. It gets hard for them to concentrate and takes them longer to perform a task.

3. Depression

Too much screen time increases the risk of depression and anxiety. FOMO, cyberbullying and social media madness also add up to depressive thoughts.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Less sleep or no sleep is another downfall of too much time with these devices. They provide continuous distractions and disturb the sleep or kids are too hooked to let go of them. This affects all kinds of tasks.

5. Academics

Kids take these devices to school and use them during homework too. The lack of sleep, tiredness, and divided attention accumulates to bad academic performance.

How parental control app helps?

The reason for so many problems i.e. screen time should be cut back in order to avoid these problems. Parents need to talk to their kids, tell them the outcome and regulate their use. The best parental control app named FamilyTime also allows parents to regulate and limit their device use.

Here is how it works:
• Apply screen locks on their devices.
• Let the app open and close the locks at specified times.
• Predefined rules are for homework, bedtime and dinner time.
• You can make your own rules.
• Set recurrent days as well.

It is suggested to introduce multiple breaks throughout the day to prevent addiction and other health problems. You can make different rules for weekdays and weekends. Same goes for vacations. Use FamilyTime parental app smartly as the app has a long list of features that parents can benefit from. So, get the app now and give a free trial to each one of its features and see yourself how does the app work for you and your kids. So go now to the Google Play or iTunes on your device and install the app from there.

Cut short the screen time

It is clear that our young generation is techno- addict. There are very few who aren’t. We don’t want to raise zombies who can’t perform even the mundane tasks properly. We want healthy and energetic kids who can grow up into responsible and productive adults. Utilize the powers of the best parental control app and foster health and security in the youth.

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