Best Privacy and Security Specific Add-ons for Firefox

Short Description: Here’s a List of Security and Privacy based Add-ons for Firefox that we’ve tried out and have liked it. We sorted out some of the best, among these you can choose those that satisfy  your needs.

Mozilla Firefox have rich variety of add-on that makes it a unique internet browser. Among them are many extensions that boosts the security of browser. The security add-ons, that prevents any potential harmful content or even any intruder to break into your computer. Some of them are best extensions while other add-ons are not that good. So here is a collection of security add-ons piled up  together which are recommended by many users and also by us, with main focus to increase the privacy, protection and security of your Firefox browser.

For the simplicity , there is only little description is added about extensions since the detailed information can be found on link provided. Note that all working old and new extensions are included. The extensions are added in random number.

#1. HTTPS Everywhere:


This extension helps by forcing browser to load secure ‘https’ version of site you visiting. The ‘https’ ensures that the data sent to the computer is SSL-encrypted. This extension only works if the site you visiting supports the https.

#2. Close ‘n’ Forget:


Close ‘n’ Forget comes in rescue when it’s emergency. What if you opened a site mistakenly and want it to remove its cookies and history. Close ‘n’ Forget adds a new close button to Firefox’s address-bar. Closing the tab through that close button will instantly delete the cookies and history of website you just visited.

#3. WOT:


WOT stands for Web of Trust. This plugin work as a guide and informs you about the site you want to access.WOT have a trust meter which will warn you if the website you want to visit is safe or not. The different colors shows the different  level of safety.

#4. RequestPolicy :


RequestPolicy gives you more control over Firefox browser. Extension allows to control the third-party connection the browser makes and secures you from Cross-Site Request Forgery.

#5. Long URL Please :


This add-on reveals the original URL from the shortened URL ,which prevents from visiting any unwanted websites. The example of shortened URL would be****

#6. Ghostery :


It is a ghost that prevents you from ghosts. Ghostery keeps an eye on websites that are tracking you and alerts you about them. A tracker to track, trackers of other websites!

#7. BetterPrivacy :


BetterPrivacy is ultimate shield to protect against different types of cookies. BetterPrivacy plugin is a cookie manager and blocker. BetterPrivacy gives many ways to handle LSO’s. More details available through link.

#8. NoScript :


NoScript is tool that blocks all type of running script on website you visiting.
NoScript blocks the Java,  JavaScript and Flash content on any site. NoScript blocks the XSS and Clickjacking attacks from any unwanted website.

#9. FoxyProxy :


FoxyProxy enhances proxy capabilities of Firefox browser. This plugin automatically switches connection between multiple proxy servers and allows anonymous browsing.

#10. QuickJava :


This is ultimate tool for blocking all types of different things from loading into browser. QuickJava allows to turn on/off the various languages scripts and images from loading.It blocks Java, JavaScript, Silverlight scripts and even proxy. The settings can be changed from toolbar in status bar.

#11. Site Adviser:


The plugin is competitor of WOT and have features like WOT. This plugin alerts from potential risky sites. The more features can be found here.

Old Timers

This plugins are not supported in newer Firefox version 34.0 yet. But are included in list because of their features. These plugins are supported in older version of Firefox.

#1. BrowserProtect :

BrowserProtect plugin alerts and blocks the Firefox browser hijack by any third-party website or any third-part software. The automatically changes in default homepage and settings are the hijacks this extension prevents.

#2. Panic :

Panic extension closes all the tabs and open a new tab with the site you prefer with just one button. This extension becomes useful while working on business or school computer. The Panic extension also reopens the previously closed tabs after the “emergency” with selected keys in it’s options.

#3. Stealther:

Stealther extension gives the freedom of private browsing. User can disable the browsing history ,cookies, recent tabs , cache as long as he/she wants. The Stealther prevents them from computer,which removes all the trail to user’s browsing history.

#4. Distrust :

Distrust is alternative of Stealther extension. Distrust provides same features as Stealther. But, again its not compatible with new Firefox version 34.0 yet.

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