7 Best IFTTT Applets/Recipes for Trello You Should Use

When it comes to team collaboration on a project or simply managing daily life tasks, Trello is the tool that many users rely on. It makes task and project management quite effortless. However, users always keep finding new ways to be more productive. With the help of automation that IFTTT provides, users can achieve even more when using Trello. So here are some of the best Trello-IFTTT applets that will help you become a Trello power user. Well, before going into the applets here’s a quick explanation of what is IFTTT and how it can help you improve your workflow by automation.

Automate your Workflow with IFTTT

IFTTT stands for “IF This Then That”. If something happens on one service, depending on that service something will happen on another. In IFTTT, when you connect two services for automation, it forms an Applet. Previously, IFTTT used to call it “Recipes”. However, it has now evolved into much powerful and more functional “Applets”. It gives more freedom to developers to add additional conditions when required.

Now, let us dive into some of the most useful Trello applets that you can use to automate your workflow.

Best Trello Applets

Some of the Applet mentioned here will require you to create them by yourself. IFTTT has removed the feature to publish a user created applet for public. New rules require you to be a “partner” in order to publish applets. Yes, paid service.

Integrating saved Pocket items into Trello


This is the one I use daily. For those always connected on the web, Pocket allows you (and me) to save some interesting reads and articles for inspiration for the next blog post. Well, you can integrate saved Pocket items into Trello cards using IFTTT. The Pocket service on IFTTT provides various Triggers such as – “Any new item”, “Item tagged”, “New favorite item” and “New item archived”. You can set the trigger according to your needs and then set the Action to create a new card on Trello. You can further customize the applet by adding new ingredient such as adding a new member to the card when a specific tag is applied.

Automate your Sales Lead


Got sales lead and want to create a task about it on Trello? Well, this Trello applet can automate that for you. With the Gmail service, you can add a new labeled Email to a new card on a Trello board. Trello has made the applet available for public use. You just have to simply turn on the applet to start automating the task.

Schedule daily recurring Trello Card


If there are some recurring Trello cards that you usually keep adding them every day, you can actually schedule the daily or weekly using IFTTT’s Date and Time service. Using body ingredient, you can customize the description of the card. The applet is available for public use.

Let Trello work for youiffft-trello-duplicate-card

When managing projects using Trello, it’s a common task for some users to add an assigned card to their personal board/list. This helps them to create their own notes regarding the task/card and later update the original card on the Project board. Well, this applet will help you automate the process and make your workflow simpler.

Update the Slack Team


Well, if you are using Trello for project management then it is most probable that you are using Slack too. There are many applets available for Slack that can save your time by automating some recurring tasks. One of the tasks is updating your team regarding a card and asking them for feedback on it. You can add a custom message here for your team on Slack.

Add cards using Google Assitant and Google Home


If you use Google Assistant or Google Home, then it can be quite easy to add Trello cards. You can use Google Assistant’s “Phrase with Text ingredient” trigger to add a card to Trello. Add the text that will work as trigger and at the end of text add a $ sign that will work as the Text ingredient that can be added to Card Title or Description. The “$” sign works as a placeholder for Text ingredient and depending on the phrase you say, place the sign.  It’s a custom applet so you will have to create it by yourself.

Keep Log of Completed Trello Tasks


It’s always good to keep a log of your completed tasks. When you’re in your leisure time you can check the log and be proud. This applet will create a Log in Google Drive when you add a card to “Done” list on Trello. Google drive creates a folder called IFTTT with the Log in it.


IFTTT has been the same as it was before. Monetization has caused some users to fall back from the service. However, the core features are still free to use and can help you to automate your daily workflow with various services that it provides. Let us know what do you think about the above applets and do share your favorites.

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