Best Way to Stream Youtube Music on Google Chrome

Youtube has become the home of Music streaming. You may be using spotify and other premium streaming services but, you can’t find in it the gold that youtube has.

Well, streaming music on youtube means you’ll have the videos playing, but what if you just want to hear the Music and just skip the videos. Let’s just take up a scenario which I consider to be the best way to stream youtube music on PC. Open Google chrome > tap an extension > Hit play button. Pure music, no video. In short, Youtube Music player.

The above scenario can be achieved using Streamus a chrome extension that streams youtube music fluently just like a music player. It’s the best, lightweight and effective way to stream youtube music. Here’s a quick guide to get you started with extension. Even though we’ll have quick run down here of it’s features.

After installing the extension, you’ll first get two empty columns where you can see your playlists and currently streaming songs respectively. Here, you need to add songs and playlists which can easily done using the search option provided in the extension. Below, is quick view of it’s feature available.

  • Search for music directly from the extensions. Select your songs and save to your own playlist or just play it temporarily.
  • Manually add playlists from youtube.



  •  Open extension in new tab. Get full screen experience.
  • Effective shortcuts. Which you have to add by yourself.
  • Beatport integration. Play full-length tracks.
  • Omnibox integration. Type in streamus in omnibox and press space to directly search music and enter to play it.

Comment down what is your best way to stream youtube music on computer.

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