Best Way to Mirror Android Screen to Your PC (No Root)


There can be many reasons for mirroring your Android Screen to your PC. May be you want to play cool game, or watch some video or just want to be productive by controlling your android smartphone right from your PC. It’s always cool. Here, I’d like to show you the best way I’ve found to mirror your android screen to your PC which requires no root. So, let’s get started.

For mirroring we are going to use a popular app called Mobizen. It’s the best app I’ve used till now for mirroring my android. Now, let me show you why it’s the best.

Why I Prefer Mobizen?

I’ve used 3 apps till now for this specific purpose of mirroring. Which include AirDroid (root required), SideSync and Mobizen. Mobizen was the best to give performance and smooth mirroring. AirDroid too was smooth but it required root.(This guide includes no root method. So, we’ll not use AirDroid. )

Well, I use AirDroid on daily basis. For syncing my notifications, files and messages to PC. It’s just an awesome app. But, it’s been just a week since they’ve released v3.0 which included mirroring capability. But it needed root and only some smartphones were compatible for mirroring without root. They’ll soon make other android devices compatible.

Mobizen is secure as it needs two factor authentication to connect to PC. So, you’re fully secure. It also has other great features like screen recording(which again requires no root) both from your device and your PC. It records screen at 30 fps, which is pretty good. But not that good for gaming apps. If you’ve got a high-end device with good RAM and GPU. Then you’ll surely get great performance while recording games.

Though I’ve got some cons too. The UI is not that good on the app and also on the PC software. But, as I said I’m using it with the soul purpose for mirroring, I can let go that. It sometimes has connection problem through WiFi. And also if you use this app with entry level devices it will deplete the GUI clarity of your Screen while mirroring.

Update: The app has been updated with bug fixes and a specific app has been developed for Samsung Mobile and Tablet Devices. Giving device more support and stability. If you have a Samsung device than directly download Mobizen for Samsung App.

If you’re looking for more single purpose and Lightweight application than you should opt for a chrome application called Vysor. We already have covered a guide on how to use Vysor.

Now, let’s see how you can mirror your android device to PC using Mobizen.

How to Mirror Android screen to your PC using Mobizen

First download the android app and the PC software from their official site.

Note: You’ll need .NET framework installed on your PC. If you don’t have it. The software package by Mobizen will automatically detect and download it for you. Also, I’ve installed mobizen android application on one of my device running 4.1.2 Jelly bean. I did it purposely to show you that this app runs on older version too. Well, the minimum requirement is 4.0+.

First of all sign up for your account. You can do that through app, the site or from software. (You can also mirror through the web browser, if you’re not interested in using software. But I recommend you to use software.)

Connect your PC through USB cable. You can also mirror through wifi or 3G connection but USB connection is most preferable for best performance. You can also turn on/off the connection settings under the connection method settings.



Enable USB debugging in device’s developer options. After logging in on the app and software. You’ll need to setup a 4 digit authentication code. Which you’ll have to add while connecting to PC. You can turn off to the option to ask authentication code every time for your PC.


 So, after authentication you’ll be automatically connected to your PC. And your screen will start mirroring to PC.You can also record screen and take screenshots from PC. By clicking on the top triangle arrow.


Well, my experience with Mobizen was great in comparison with other apps. What caught my eyes was the smoothness of mirroring. I’ll give it 4 star out of 5. (-1 for silly User Interface).


I’ve shared my best way to mirror my device’s screen. What’s yours? Do you think Mobizen is worth the best position? Let me know in the comments.

    • You can try Apowersoft Phone Manager to connect your phone to PC first and then tap “iOS Recorder” on the software interface to mirror your iPhone to PC. No need to jailbreak.

  1. I’ve been looking for an alternative to using Sidesync on my Galaxy Note 4, because I find it buggy, but Mobizen was even worse. I mainly want to be able to reply to text messages using my computer screen and keyboard, but using Mobizen, the PC app showed the screen rotated , so it was at a 90 degree angle, rather than upright. It showed the screen properly in the web interface. The other problem was that my phone screen had to be on for me to view the screen in the app. Surely, if I’m viewing the screen on my PC, I don’t need it on on the phone. Sidesync automatically turns off the phone screen when you connect with your PC or you can choose a side by side option to have both screens on, but like I said Sidesync is buggy, it frequently disconnects or won’t connect, becomes unresponsive or just won’t accept keyboard input.

  2. @shanu

    Connect your iPhone to your Mac book and launch Quick time player.

    Click on File and select record new movie and select source as your connected Iphone

  3. Mobizen is great, except for one thing. It needs internet connection to verify account (why do I need an account??) even if the device is connected via USB. Not cool when your out of internet. Otherwise the app works perfectly

  4. its fine and ok but i need some improvement or clarification for using mobizen for off line where wifi connection isn’t available.

    • Hello,
      I have tried a pair of things for this already.
      You need some stuff to make this work. Listed below:
      1) Android Mobile Phone (recent that support Anycast/Chromecast etc)
      2) Chromecast / AnyCast HDMI dongle. (comes with a supporting software)
      3) HDMI to VGA convertor (need support HD input from HDMI signal, as most of HDMI to VGA convertor does not support Anycast dongle)

      Now by properly testing and pairing the mobile screen can be casted to VGA Monitor.
      Better way is to cast directly to HDMI TV, which is a widely popular way to cast.

  5. Do you have to be online with your laptop to use this app? I do not have high-speed internet access at home, but I do have a data plan on my android phone. I mainly want to work with files that are stored on my phone, so I am hoping to do what I want to do without having to connect to the internet.

  6. Mobizen was a great app, i used it and work in android 4.1, but in the lastest update doesn’t give support for devices with android 4.1. they only answer sorry!

  7. everyone is talking about usb mirroring, u idiots its 2017 , explain wifi mirroring without cables and without rooting , n ya if apps are necessary on both android and pc , then i will download then whats the need to view ur page

    • Abhishek Macwan

      Hey Deepu,
      Step two mentions about mirroring over WiFi and mobile data. We have also mentioned ‘Vysor’ a similar app but more lightweight to use. Please read properly before commenting. We try our best to provide all the information regarding the software or app that we mention.

  8. By using tools like R-HUB remote support servers, you can fully control and mirror android devices from your computer. Android mobile clients can show a web browser, photos and Dropbox files. In addition, Android 5.x and newer can show the entire screen.

  9. Mobizen is the slowest way on mirroring your android’s screen to your PC, Literally, 30 fps on a beast of a HP Pavillion 15 and a Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 that can run any game on the Google Play, and i’m in Romania (Romania has the best internet)

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