Best WordPress Security Plugins to Make Your Website Bulletproof

All content management systems, WordPress included, have one main loophole – they have predefined directory structures.

Since hackers already know the directory structure of your website, half of their hacking work has already been done for them. Even though WordPress is one of the most secure content management systems, it is still important to take some extra precautions to make your website bulletproof.

Here are some great WordPress security plugins worth considering.

1. iThemes Security

iThemes security is a great WordPress security plugin for those that are either new to WordPress or website security.

It is a full-fledged plugin and this is probably the reason behind its popularity. One great feature of this plugin is the login URL obfuscation.

This is where the login URL and default admin username is changed to something less obvious. It also allows for a restriction of the dashboard accessed based on the time and date settings of the user.

You can also monitor your files to see if there are any unsanctioned edits and ban the IP addresses that are attempting to hack your site. You can find here a guide to ithemes security plugin.

2. Sucuri

Sucuri exists both as a software as a service, but also as a WordPress plugin.

Sucuri is a globally renowned company in internet security. Their free plugin offers a plethora of security settings that can help keep your WordPress site secure.

For starters, the plugin stores a log of activities on the website. This makes it impossible for an attacker to cover their tracks.

Another good feature is the file integrity process of creating a known good state. If your files deviate from this known good state, you will be automatically notified. It also has a malware scanner that can go a long way in preventing hack attempts.

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3. WordFence

With at least 2 million active installations, Wordfence is one of the most downloaded WordPress security plugins – and with good reason too.

The plugin has a live traffic update which gives you a unique preview into any hacking attempt in real-time.

Another feature that makes this a winner is its device compatibility. For instance, it also includes mobile phone sign in and this goes a long way into curtailing brute force attacks.

The plugin also allows for blocking any renowned attackers in real-time as well as blocking of entire networks on which suspicious activity is detected. And the icing on the cake is the feature that allows the plugin to scan against a database of over 44,000 malware variants.

4. Jetpack

Even though Jetpack is not a WordPress security plugin per se, it still comes with a number of useful modules that you can use to hack-proof your website.

For starters, you can use the brute-force prevention module to prevent brute force attacks. The best thing about this module is you can just set it and forget about it because once activated, it will do everything for you in the background.

Another important module is the 2FA. This will help you to keep any unauthorized access at bay. Should you go for the premium plan, you can also benefit from the automatic site backups as well as the malware scanning.

Automattic, the team behind WordPress, will also fix any hacked code on your WordPress for you but this is only if you are also using their vault plugin.

5. Bulletproof security

Bulletproof Security plugin is one of the best plugins for preventing SQL injections. An SQL injection refers to when an attacker attempts to execute some malicious SQL statements on a data-driven application on a website.

It also protects your WordPress website against XSS, CRLF, and RFI injections. This plugin works by adding a firewall to your website that protects it from attack while at the same time backing up your data. Its one-click setup wizard makes it very easy to use and this means that even beginners can easily set it up on their WordPress websites.

Bulletproof security is a free plugin but you have the option of upgrading it to the pro version for some additional features like obfuscating your wp-admin folder.

Protect your WordPress today

Even though WordPress is impressively secure as-is, you shouldn’t leave the security of your website to fate. Hackers are getting more sophisticated by the day and it is therefore in your best interest to install one of the WordPress security plugins shared above. If you’d like to see more options, you can check out the following articles, which also explains the pros and cons of using each of these products, and why you might choose one instead of the other: 10+ Best WordPress Security Plugins compared (Free + Premium) – CollectiveRay.

That 1-minute task of installing and setting up such a plugin might save you a lot of unnecessary headaches.

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