Bittorrent Sync Advanced Preferences Tweaks

Bittorrent sync is one of the best syncing utility I’ve been using right now to share files locally across my device. I had shared before about why should you use BitTorrent Sync instead of Dropbox? And today I’d like to share some tweaks I’ve done in advanced preferences of Sync in the past days. And have got FREAKING AWESOME results!!!
No, just kidding. Those tweaks just increase your syncing speed.Note: Keeping in mind that Sync is still in “Beta”. Changes may cause errors and also may affect your system.(Again kidding, they won’t!). By the way, there’s always a reset button. (Oww…Yea…)

Advanced Preferences in BitTorrent Sync



  1. config_refersh_interval: This option will let you set the after what interval of time would you like to refresh whole of the Sync. By default it’s set to 3600 seconds which is 60 minutes. You can change it in the value field given below. Make sure the value will be in seconds.
  2. disk_low_priority: With this you can increase the priority of Sync in compare with other applications running on your system. Setting it true will keep it at low priority and you’ll get less syncing speed. Making it false will increase the priority and simultaneously increase the syncing speed. But in turn it will also degrade the performance of other applications.
  3. folder_defaults.delete_to_crash: Setting it value to to true it will store all the deleted sync file in the Sync archive. To access the archive turn on the hidden item options in your Sync folder and you’ll get a .sync named folder which will contain Archived files. And False Will not store deleted files in archive folder.
  4. folder_defaults.use_dht: Will use DHT network if available. Values: True and False
  5. folder_defualts.use_lan: Will use LAN network if available. Boolean values applied.
  6. folder_defualts.use_relay: Will use Relay servers if available. Boolean values.
  7. folder_defauts.use_tracker: Will use tracker server if available. Applies Boolean values.
  8. folder_rescan_interval: It will re-scan your sync folder to check if anything is missed while syncing. You can set after what time interval it should scan. Default is 600 seconds.
  9. lan_encrypt_data: Will encrypt your LAN data. Making it false will bring slight increase in speed. But, it may become a security hole to get access to your system.

Sorry. Feeling bored to explain other stuff. As they’ve already been explained here. (You know Google, they don’t rank pages with less content. So had to write something. :D) The juicy meat is given below.

Coming onto the damn point – Tweaks.

  • Setting disk_low_priority to False will surely increase your syncing speed. As it will make maximum usage of the disk.
  • Also setting lan_encrypt_data to False significantly increased the LAN transfer speed.
  • Every syncing folder has a hidden folder .sync. Here you can find the archive of some of your synced data. You can get control over how much data you want to archive by changing the value of max_file_size_for_versioning. Here you can set the maximal size of a file that can be archived. Default is 1000 Mb. This archived files get deleted after 30 days. Which also can be changed under the option sync_trash_ttl. Whose default value is 30 days.
  • Increase the value of send_buf_size and recv_buf_size to improve performance as it buffers data between network and disk operations.

Well, I couldn’t find any other options that would be helpful to me. As my main aim was improve performance and syncing speed.(Yea..Speed…baby….Speed.) If you have any other tweak that you’ve done with Sync do share them in the comments.

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