A Simple and Easy Way to Block YouTube Ads on Android (No Xposed Required)

You know, I personally think that Ads are good when they are fine tuned based on your real interests and needs. Irrelevant Ads suck. Well, you might not think like I do. And, you might just think that the whole concept of online advertisement sucks. Especially when it comes to YouTube. Those long 2 minute Ads really suck. So, here I’m going to show you how you can block Youtube Ads on Android.

This guide will require root access but it doesn’t require you to have Xposed installed. It’s a very simple way to block Ads on Youtube by just using a modified APK of YouTube. The modified version uses the same Xposed method. But, it’s been integrated with the app. So, no Xposed is required. All you have to do is to just install the APK.

The APK has been provided by developer Arter97. As the APK is modified version so you won’t get the official updates from Play Store. You’ll have to wait till the developer updates the app. Otherwise, the app will work exactly like the official YouTube app. Well, it’s the only con that you got to deal with. If you’re cool with this con then you should proceed with the guide.

Installing the APK right away just won’t work. You’ll have to first uninstall the official YouTube app and then replace it with the modified version. Also, there are some setting you’ll need to check before installing. So, let’s dig into the guide.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Android without Xposed

  1. First, you’ll need to know the DPI and the processor type of your phone. Becuase, the app has been developed based on different phones and the types. In order to check the DPI download DPI checker and to know the process type download Droid Hardware Info.


    Check DPI and Processor Type

  2. Now, head over to Arter’s website and we’ll download the APK based on the above information. In my case, it’s arm64  so I’ll choose the folder accordingly. Next, the DPI is 480 so I’ll download the 480dpi version of the app.
  3. After you’ve downloaded the APK, you’ll have to uninstall the official YouTube app. Which you can easily do using Titanium backup. First, take the backup of the YouTube app and then uninstall it.
  4. Now, you need to create a new folder in the system/app location. This location in the root of your device. So, make sure you use a root explorer like ES file manager or Solid Explorer. Head over to system/app and check if you already have a YouTube folder (which should be empty). If there is then you don’t need to create a new folder. Otherwise, create a new one. But, make sure you capitalize the name of the folder like this – YouTube.
  5. Now, copy-paste the modified APK in this folder. And, reboot your device.

Now, open the YouTube app like you would normally do.



Well, you might be thinking that you uninstalled the official YouTube app then how it’s already in its place. The thing is that we replaced the app with modified version. We didn’t have to install the modified app. However, even if you try to install the app then it won’t install.

Did you know? You can remotely control YouTube on PC using your Android smartphone.

Enjoy the Ad-Free YouTube

So, there you have it. The YouTube app on Android is Ad-free. No ads on the Home tab or during the videos. And, all that without Xposed. If you’re concerned about the updates for the app then you can follow Arter97 on twitter. So, whenever he updates the app you’ll know it.

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  1. Yo , i don’t have arm…
    I have armeaby-v7a on galaxy s4 i follow up your instructions but i have a problems… help me please

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