Blocking SMS Spam on Android

Getting spam messages are common these days , whether it is in your email inbox or in phone’s messages. Spammer keeps spam thousands of people with unwanted messages. But good thing is, blocking spam messages is as simple as getting one, at-least in smartphones. There are number of options to choose from for blocking those annoying  messages, depending on cellular service provider and smartphone.

If you are an android phone user, you can block spam using following methods.

#Contact Your Service provider :

If you are receiving numerous spam messages everyday, you can contact your service provider to block all spam messages.

You can also use Web Tools to block spam if it’s supported by the service provider. Simply visit their website and log-in to your account. There you can input details about spam messages and block them.

This method is also applicable for iPhone users , duh!

Using this method may block important messages too along the way. The next method can help you in such scenario.


#Third-party Apps :

Third-party Apps comes in handy when stock Android version lacking in any features. But before going any further, Check the Android version running in the phone.

Go to Settings > About Phone and check the running version of android. If the Running version is below 4.3 , then you can install any third-party app without issues. But If the android version is 4.4 or higher , you can’t use the third-party apps right-away. The KitKat-4.4 android version only allows one app to use messaging ,which means only messaging apps with inbuilt blocking feature can be useful.

To use newly installed third-party apps , go to Settings > tap “more” in Wireless & Networks > Default SMS app. Select your new app as default here. Great, you are good to go . All those spam messages are history now. Here are some apps you can try :

#1. EvolveSMS

#2. SMS Blocker

#3. Hangouts

#4. Go SMS Pro

#5. Handcent SMS

#6. Messenger by Google

Or you can check out this list of Apps that simple enough block down those annoying messages.

Above all apps have default SMS blocking feature and highly compatible.


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