Tips to Maximize Battery Life of your Gadgets

The Lithium Ion batteries that are used today in our gadgets are not fully mature. By mature I mean they need to be taken care due to their aging limitations. Before, we had shared on how you can maximize your laptop’s battery life. Here, I’d like to share some tips and guide you through, on how you can maximize battery life of any gadget. These tips should be mostly helpful to people how do not frequently change their gadgets. And for those who do, you need not worry. You’ll never face the degrading problems, after all you’ll replace it with a new one.


These tips I’ve gathered from different places which I’ve mentioned below in the resources section. Before you go through them I’d like you to watch this quick video on taking care of your battery by Techquickie.

Tips to Maximize Battery Life

  • Batteries have better performance in higher temperature, but that degrades the battery life. So, keeping your battery cool and at lower temperatures will be the best. If you’re thinking of storing battery at some place, then the best advice would be to keep it charged at least to 40% and stored at 25°C temperature. This way you’ll lose less battery life.
  • Don’t fully charge your device to 100%. Yes, that may sound crazy to some of you. But, it’s true that charging your li-ion battery to 100% does affect battery life. Keep in mind the rule of 40%-80%. Charging up to 80% and discharge up to 40%. And, even if you charge it up to 100% don’t keep it plugged in.
  • Frequently charge your device. So, the above tip supports this tip. Frequently charging your device does increase the lifespan of the battery as suggested by Battery University. Discharging to 50% are better than 90% or 0%. You would have heard of battery calibration. It means discharging the battery to 0%, charging it 100% and repeating the cycle. This should be done once in a month.

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