Boost Your Email List With These 3 WordPress Plugins

An email list can be a huge asset for an online business. Most bloggers, however, don’t know how to grab the attention of their audience. Let’s look at three great plugins that can help you build an email list. Let’s view a number of WordPress plugins which can help you increase the emails on your list.

1. Bloom Email Opt-In from Elegant Themes

Bloom is a highly popular email plugin by Elegant themes. You can use it to grow your WordPress email list. Bloom is designed to display the email Optin forms on your website or blog.

It’s a very popular plugin nad has been reviewed plenty of times, such as on this CollectiveRay article.

Visitors can enter their contact details into these forms. You can add these contacts to your marketing services such as AWeber or MailChimp or add them to your email newsletter as well. This plugin can allow you to build a highly valuable email list and makes it easy for you to keep your email subscribers in a loop. You can deliver the highly curated useful content to your audience to help them find the solutions they need.

It offers six different types of Optin forms and they range from standard forms to animated popup forms. You can also use the locked-content form to keep your content locked until the visitor enters his email address and joins your list. For instance, if you want to offer a free ebook or a downloadable file in exchange for the email address.

With a large number of templates and customization options, you can customize every aspect of your form, such as title, image, message, animation effects, borders, fonts. etc. It also allows you to use your own custom CSS as well.

Bloom also lets you track the performance of your Optin forms on the Statistics page. It displays you the number of impressions, conversions and the conversion rate for every active form.

2. Sumo

Sumo is a complete suite of marketing tools that aims to help bloggers and website owners to grow their traffic and conversions. It is actually a lot more than just a WordPress plugin.

It’s a cross-platform suite of apps which is developed to boost the performance of your e-commerce website.

Sumo keeps adding new apps regularly for list-building, social sharing, e-commerce, communication, traffic boosting and on-site analytics. It handles a large number of important tasks that would otherwise need separate plugins. It will not just help you grow your traffic or subscriber’s list but it can help you grow your entire business.

Sumo is compatible with a number of web building tools such as Shopify, Weebly, Tumblr, Squarespace and more. It is compatible with a number of email marketing services like Constant Contact, AWeber, MailChimp, etc. You can simply install the Sumo plugin through your WordPress Dashboard and activate it before you start using it.

You can use Sumo’s list building apps like Welcome Mat, List Builder, Smart Bar, and Scroll Box to grow your email list. It also offers you A/B testing and targeting functionalities. You can maximize conversion by refining your opt-in forms.

Overall, Sumo is an amazing set of tools and it is quite affordable for the small or medium sized websites as well.

3. Wishpond For Giveaways

Wishpond is a popular giveaway tool that you can use to grow your subscriber base. It features many different types of promotions and social contests, such as vote contests, photo contests, sweepstakes, referral promotions, social contests, etc. You can run these promotions on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, your website, etc.

It’s a multi-platform tool and you can use your smartphone, tablet or PC to use it. Wishpond allows you to collect data from your voters and it includes a number of features like referral awards, social engagement, Like button popups, share buttons, etc.

Wishpond’s real-time analytics allow you to track the success of your giveaways. To maximize engagement, you can also use the A/B testing features of the platform. It also includes tools for marketing automation, email marketing, popups, landing pages, forms, etc. It is simple and easy to use marketing suite which is perfect for businesses that want to increase their social engagement.

Final Thoughts

You need an engaged subscriber list to build a community around your brand. You must give priority to engagement instead of the number of email subscribers. The above tools will allow you to run all kinds of online marketing campaigns and help you expand your business.

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