7 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

College is a time to study and meet new faces on and off campus. But as a student, you also have the privilege of great visiting any location, whether far or near. And according to a scholarship writer, one might not have such opportunity after graduation. Depending on the job you settle for, you might be sitting behind the desk for many hours every day. So, why don’t you make the most out of the little time you have as a student? Travel around and expand your cultural horizon. This post highlights several budget travel tips for regular student travelers and those planning to join this category.

1. Plan every trip ahead

You may have gotten away with impromptu decisions and unplanned trips in the past. But understand that you can do better and even enjoy your tours with properly plan. Planning gives you time to weigh your options. It will also enable you to tackle challenges that might surface and ruin your trips.

First, write down places you plan to visit many months before you embark on the trip. List the countries and cities. Also, find out all the activities and fun destinations in the listed areas. You can even plan your trips to coincide with their festive seasons.

2. Choose your destination wisely

Your travel destination will determine your budget. That’s the bitter truth. $50 would go a long way in places like Southern Asia, but not in a city like Paris. So make wise decisions when choosing your travel destination.

Try to capture your travel cost in your plan. Even if you cannot get information online, make friends with the locals where you are planning to visit and ask questions. They will be delighted to grant you the information you seek.

Find out the cost of accommodation, transportation and every other activity that you plan to engage in. You should also consider the freebies available like museums and other historical sites you can visit for free.

3. Start saving for your trip early

It is good to start saving early. It will eliminate financial issues and help you address every area in your travel plan. You can start saving money months before your departure.

4. Discipline yourself

It is advisable to make proper plans and spend only on things captured in your written plan. If you start spending on others, you might end up abandoning stuff on your list.
There will be temptations to spend on things outside your budget. But you should never fall for those temptations. Stick to your budget plan throughout your trip. You can also consider capturing those activities in the next trip you will be making. However, if you can discipline yourself, you will enjoy every bit of your journey.

It is better to spend and achieve those things previously captured in your written plan than to spend on something that came up all of a sudden. You might even run out of cash before you know it when there are still numerous things left untouched.

5. Find cheap flight deals

Flight price can change like the weather. It’s funny but true. And since you are on a budget, it is better to search for cheaper deals to save more. The point is, even if you are not planning to travel immediately, you can book your ticket ahead. But you have to wait patiently for the best deal.

Though flight price fluctuates often, it is still difficult to know which is going to be the best deal or the cheapest. So you can only choose the one you find more suitable considering your budget-size.

You might not still get the best price by booking early. So wait for deals to happen. You can follow your favorite airline companies; check their websites from time to time. You can also use tools like “Skyscanner” to get updates as price changes. Your only duty is to provide flight information of the airline you are tracking. But as earlier said you should know what a reasonable price is and be ready to grab it when the opportunity comes knocking.

6. Find a cheap place to stay

Hotels can be quite expensive, and the more days you spend, the higher the fees. So think outside spending your nights in a hotel room. But you shouldn’t trade your comfort for anything. Instead of renting a hotel room, while not rent an apartment, do a homestay or even rent a room on Airbnb?

You can also cut down your budget by taking advantage of programs that let you travel, eat and sleep for free. An example is WWOOFing. You get to work at a farm, but the organization makes the arrangements for your feeding and accommodated.

7. Travel in groups

There are friends and relations that might be planning to travel this year. And the exciting thing is that they may be planning to visit the same location as you. You can even get more people interested in joining you by stating your travel plans on your social media. But make it look captivating so people can develop an interest.


You can make your dream of traveling to any destination come to pass. You can even save massively. You only need to take the right steps and make concrete plans for your trips. According to termpapereasy.com, planning is one of the things that make an individual have a successful trip. You will be able to devise a means that would allow your tiny budget to be sufficient for your journey.

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