Bypassing Google Authenticator when Unable to Login to Worpdress

Here’s a situation which recently ran into. I installed a new custom ROM on my phone and I had forgot to backup my apps and data. So, the Google authenticator app also got removed as it was needed to wipe all the  data when flashing the ROM. And, unfortunately I was logged out of WordPress too. Also, I had not saved the secret key. So, there was no way on connecting back my Google authenticator with WordPress.

I Googled and came across this video showing on how you can bypass the Google authenticator code from your wordpress login page.

The idea is simple. You just need to remove the google-authenticator plugin folder from wp-content/plugins and move it some other new folder using the File manager provided by your web-host. Doing so, the authentication will be removed from your login page. And, now you can login back to your account. Notice that you’ll not find the Google authenticator plugin in your plugins section.

If you want it back again you need to move the google-authenticator folder back to wp-content/plugins folder. After doing so, you’ll get the plugin back into the plugins section, but, it’ll be deactivated. So, now all you’ll have to do is activate it and reconfigure the plugin. But, this time do make sure you save the secret key somewhere, in case such situation occurs. Below, is step-by-step guide.

  1. Open File Manager in the control panel of your hosting account.
  2. Select web-root. Means the root folder of your website.
  3. Open wp-content, and in there create “disabled” name folder.
  4. Now, go into the plugins folder and move the google-authenticator folder to the disabled folder that you just created by right clicking and selecting move.
  5. Now, refresh your Login page and you’ll find the Authentication is removed.

Note: The “disabled” named folder doesn’t actually disable the plugin. You can name it anything, the idea is to move the google-authenticator folder somewhere else from the plugins folder.

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