Can Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project Help Your Business?

Google is the biggest search engine in the western world, so if you want to dominate online, you need to pay close attention to what Google wants. Search engine optimization helps a website to rank better in the SERPs. Hook Agency – Duluth SEO can help businesses do this, but there are also things you can do yourself. So, what is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and how can it help your business’s SEO strategy?

The AMP open source project is designed to make the internet better for everyone. AMP creates web pages that load faster. This is increasingly important as we switch to mobile devices to read information online. 15 years ago, hardly anyone used a mobile device to surf the net. Today, mobile internet use has swept past desktop usage.

For this reason, it is vital that websites are optimized for mobile internet viewing. As you probably already know, trying to view a non-mobile optimized website on a smartphone is frustrating. The page doesn’t fit the screen. The navigation links are not in the right place. Basically, nothing works as it should.

How Does AMP Work?

AMP cuts out all the extra content that mobile pages don’t need to function. Inline CSS and a special form of HTML render pages differently. The HTML used in AMP is very similar to regular HTML, so if you are already familiar with HTML tags, you won’t find it too complicated. Accelerated Mobile Pages render very fast, so you can view information instantly instead of waiting for the pages to load.

Does Google Like AMP?

Google loves AMP. It rewards AMP by highlighting AMP pages in the search results. If a website has an enhanced AMP version, Google tags it with a lightning bolt, so viewers know that it will load much faster than regular pages. If your target clients are likely to be searching for your website on a smartphone or tablet, this could influence which pages they click on.

AMP pages are particularly appealing to millennials. Generation Y doesn’t like waiting for anything, but they get particularly stressed about waiting for web pages to download. AMP sites download in less than one second, which is guaranteed to suit millennials.

Boost Your Ranking

Loading speed is a major factor in how high a website ranks in the SERPs. Slower loading websites will appear lower in the search results, which is bad for business. AMP is not the only factor. Low-quality hosting and large image file sizes all play a part in deciding how fast a page loads, but using AMP will certainly help you to deliver lightning fast mobile pages.

Join the Big Brands

Big brands are already cottoning on to the benefits of AMP. Brands such as eBay and Disney are already implementing AMP in their websites. With Google pledging to do whatever it takes to satisfy users, they can’t afford to turn a blind eye.

Consult with a mobile optimization SEO specialist if you need more help and advice on the merits of AMP.

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