Tech Know-How : Can Technology Improve Your Health? In Some Instances, Yes

While we tend to associate modern technological developments with entertainment and leisure, these days there are number technology developments which are actually helping to improve our health and well-being. There is nothing to say that technology and well-being are two mutually exclusive things, so here we look at some contemporary inventions which are helping people to feel better and live healthier lives.

Wearable Technology

Smart watches are extremely popular these days and it seems that everyone wants one. It’s no wonder since they allow you to access your emails and texts on the move. However, there are other benefits that come with wearable technology too. You can easily use your smartwatch to track your fitness goals by linking to fitness apps and monitoring your stats when you go out for a walk, a run or to the gym for a workout session. There are even heart rate monitor apps which can keep an eye on your well-being. There have been stories in the media recently which have reported people being sent to the hospital by their smartwatch because an abnormal heart rate had been detected. All of these things point to technology being, in some cases, literally a lifesaver.

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Virtual Doctor’s Appointments

For many people, getting an appointment with their doctor can be a challenge. Now, you can remotely access a physician through the power of the internet. There are lots of sites out there which allow you to either send a message and chat online with a qualified physician or to have a remote video conference appointment so the doctor can physically see any problems and make recommendations based on what they can see. While this can’t replace actually attending a physical appointment in person, it’s ideal for anyone who struggles to leave the house or who simply is unable to get an appointment in a timely manner with their own doctor.

Air Purifiers

The worrying statistics released recently show that there are actually often more contaminants in the air inside our homes than outside it. That means that when you think you’re safe from pollutants and harmful toxins in the air inside your own house you could actually be exposed to more damaging environmental particles. This problem can be alleviated by using an air purifier. If you live with someone who smokes, you can be confident that you’re living in a healthier environment if you invest in an air purifier which will remove the harmful toxins in cigarette smoke from the air. If you live near a busy main road, you can rest assured that none of the toxins from gas will reach your lungs when you’re indoors. If you have a dog or cat at home, you may find that you have allergic reactions to their dander and hair. This problem can be resolved if you invest in an air purifier which can remove these harmful elements from the air that you breathe, helping you to enjoy a purer and cleaner environment. You will experience fewer unpleasant allergic reactions and there’ll be no more coughing, wheezing, sneezing or runny noses. It’s especially good news for anyone with respiratory difficulties or asthma.

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Tracking Your Fitness

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy body weight isn’t always easy however thanks to the latest technology, it’s possible to make sure that you can track your fitness goals and work out to the best advantage for you. Today’s modern exercise equipment, both in gyms and designed for home use, often have integrated screens which can help you to monitor aspects such as your heart rate, the number of calories burned and the distance that you have covered so you can make sure to push yourself a little harder every workout session that you have. With many pieces of gym equipment now also featuring Bluetooth connectivity, you can also often play your favorite music while you work out, encouraging you to stay focused and exercising for longer.

These are just some of the ways in which technology is being harnessed to improve our well-being and overall health. It’s important to keep these in mind the next time that someone says that technology is all about keeping us tied to the sofa watching TV and playing video games!

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