Capture Memories Forever in a Photo Montage with Movavi Photo Editor

In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, it is hard not to share the memorable events in your life. However, to create something even more special, plain photos just will not do. The trend of creating photo montages are gaining popularity, especially because they look amazing and are so easy to create thanks to software such as the Movavi Photo Editor. Here, we are going to take a quick look at the Movavi Photo Editor and how you can use it to make the best-looking photo montage to share with your friends.

Installing the Software

Before you can begin to make amazing-looking photo montages you will need to install the software on your PC or Mac. Installation is incredibly easy and surprisingly fast. All you have to do is insert the software CD and it does the rest. Select the desired options and the software is installed onto your system within minutes.

Add Images

If you are wondering about how to make a photo montage, you’ve come to the right place.

Once the installation has been completed successfully, it is time to add in the photos you wish to use in your photo montage. Including the photos from your phone or camera is easy and most people who have been using a smartphone or a camera for a while know how to export images from your device to your laptop or PC.

Adjust the Images

If you are going to use a software such as the Movavi Photo Editor, making a photo montage with simple photos just will not do. More often than not, the user will be required to make some quick edits to the photographs before they can include it into their photo montage. This is the area where the Movavi Photo Editor shines. The photo editing software takes the guessing out of editing photos. By including some amazing features and useful filters, it allows users to create visual masterpieces within minutes.

Editing Photos

With the Movavi Photo Editor, the user is able to erase just about anything that is unwanted in the image. Among the image editing features in the software there are features that enable the user to remove unwanted objects or add in new objects. Other modifications include, setting the size, contract, brightness and visibility of the images before they are added to the photo montage. The Movavi Photo Editor also allows users to make other modifications with its many filters to create the perfect picture.

Add Text

Before you can add the images to the photo montage, most people prefer to include text or captions to the images. This makes it easier for you to remember exactly where the photowas taken, while providing a bit of information for the viewers. The Movavi Photo Editor makes it easy to include text, and select its design, size and other effects to make the photographs look even better than when they were at first.

Creating the Photo Montage

Once you made the changes to the images,it is time to add them all into your photo collage. The Movavi Photo Editor allows users to choose from a whole host of photo montage templates to find one that suits your taste, or you can just create your own. Once you are done, simply export the photo montage in the format you choose and share the memories with your friends and family.

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