2 Chrome Extensions to Transform Chrome’s New Tab page into To-Do List App

The chrome’s new tab page didn’t really look that good until Google search was added to it. Personally, I still don’t use it. I’m more of a person that hits F6 and directly searches into address bar. Also, I’m more of a person that likes to be productive and I hope you might be too. But, browsing around the web mostly traps you into procrastinating. And, that mostly starts from the New Tab Page. So, why not transform this new tab page of chrome into something like a to-do list app? Doing so will help you remember the task for which you opened the browser and prevent you from lurking around and wasting your time on social media sites.

Here, I’d like to show how you can turn your New Tab page into To-do list application using a simple a chrome extension.

Turning New Tab of chrome page into To-do list application

Well, this task of ours can be achieved by 2 simple chrome extensions. I haven’t mention wunderlist. It’s extension with ton features. Here, I’ve focused on extension which lets you do a little more than just to-do list. Just a little more.



Dayboard works like your daily to-do list app. You set your tasks by simply typing and pressing enter. The limit of task is up to 5. Well, if you read the heading it says the most important tasks. So, it suggests you to add work related tasks that you might do using your browser. After completing the task you can check the box against the task to confirm it’s completed.

Focus Mode


Next feature in Dayboard is Focus Mode. This mode lets you to focus on one task and it will keep showing you that task in new tab until you finish it. That way you can be focused on that task. After completing the task hit complete or you can also skip the task to do it later. Cancel on the top-left will bring you out of focus mode.

Task History

Next is task history and it does what it says. It tracks your tasks and keeps a record of them so that you can later check and be proud of yourself.(Saying “Yea! Man. I’ve become so productive”. And just buy yourself a Pizza. ) The section contains a graph of task done through out whole week, number of tasks completed and list of tasks.

Other Features

There’s settings tab with a coming soon tooltip. Now, this is something I should have told before. Dayboard is also a web app that lets teams collaborate and manage their tasks. That is why you’ll see a Log in button on top. But, it’s totally optional if you’d like to log in or not. The to-do list will work fine without the log in. The app is still in beta. I’ve haven’t tested the website. Looking forward to do a review on it.

Download Dayboard : Chrome web store

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This a very popular chrome extension with more than 1 million downloads. Momentum is beautifully designed productivity extension with a to-do list, great background images, inspiring quotes, weather info and widgets. All of this in one freaking tab. Though it looks beautiful and well organized.

So, if you’re type of person that won’t complete his work until sufficient inspiration is available than this extension might be for you. One thing I’ll have to admit background are damn awesome!

On start up it’ll politely ask you for you name. Then your email address which is optional. You can use the extension without logging in. Hit the logged out button at the bottom. After that you can set your main task for the day or just add “less important” task in to-do list widget. Another widget at the top-left corner is for your favourite links. To customize particular parts of the page just double click on them. Like changing weather scale from Fahrenheit to degree Celsius or the date from 12:00 hours to 24:00 hours.

Final Words:

If you’re already productive and just want something to remember tasks for you while browsing than use Dayboard. And, if you’re more like a person that needs inspiration to get the work done, than momentum will be best for you.

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Let us know what do you think of these chrome extensions and is there any other extension that you might be using to be productive. Let us know in the comments.

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