[Chrome Extension]Take Quick Notes using Sidenotes


Taking notes is one of the best habits I’ve adapted this year. With different well featured tools such as Evernote, Google keep and others it’s now “hard to forget” a thing. But, let’s say you just want something lightweight and real quick application to take notes from your browser(specifically chrome). Well, Google keep could be your answer. But, it syncs with your Google drive only. What about those using Dropbox?

It’s where Sidenotes comes in. A chrome extension that let’s you “Quickly” take notes for particular websites and sync them with your Dropbox. All you have to do is press Alt+N and type in the note for that site. Sidenotes will automatically sync the note to your Dropbox.

Other than syncing it also gives you the ability to search your notes. Right-click on the extension icon and click options. There you’ll find all your notes and you can search through your notes or find notes for specific site.

None of your notes are uploaded to any server(except your Dropbox folder) and the notes are locally stored on your computer hard drive.

It’s the quickest way to take note for Dropbox users. The green signal at the top of the sidebar(where you type in the notes) shows that the note is saved. Pressing Alt+N again will remove the note sidebar. The application is open source available on Github. Links given below.

Chrome Web Store | Github

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