3 Ways to Make GIF Images from Youtube Videos

Animated GIF images are funny and express emotions in a better way. May be you want it for Twitter, Reddit, Facebook or Imgur. You need proper resources for creating an animated GIF image. But what if you want to make GIF images from a YouTube Video? You got some really funny section of a scene and want to turn it into an Animated GIF image. What would be the quickest way?

Here, I’ve listed 3 Quick ways through which you can make Animated GIF images from YouTube Videos.

1. Add “gif” before Youtube URL


This is the most quickest way to create GIF images from a YouTube Video. Just add “gif” before “youtube.com”. For example like this : https://www.gifyoutube.com/watch?v=NGer0o6qqf8.

After doing so you will be redirected to the website gifs.com where you’ll actually create the GIF. This web app has got all resources that you’ll need to make a GIF image. If you know the time the section you want to start as GIF than just directly add the time in start time and set the duration. Or you can do it as the video plays along. Just scroll the bar under the play button to set start and end time. You can then add Caption, change it’s fonts and even the colour.

2. Imgur: Video to GIF


Imgur’s Video to GIF web is also one of the fastest web apps to make GIFs. You won’t get much options. You can add text. As it is specifically created for Imgur users you get the option to publish it on Imgur. You can there after download the created animated image as GIF file. From all other web apps we found this web app to quickly turn Youtube video into GIF image by processing faster.

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3. Instagiffer : Software solution


Instagiffer is the best software solution for making animated GIF images. You can also make GIFs from YouTube videos with this software. It has got more options and can control your GIF image frame by frame. You can also convert a full YouTube video into animated GIF. You can even take Youtube video’s offline and convert it that way. It’s available for Windows and OS X.

Download: Instagiffer

Well, if you remember back in 2014 YouTube had launched their own built-in GIF creator on some Channels. It’s only available on PBS Idea channel and Vsauce3. You can try it by hitting the share button on one of their videos and you’ll find the GIF tab.


Let us know down in the comments which web app would choose for quickly creating animated GIF images from YouTube Videos.

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