Creative Uses for Action Cameras


With an action camera like the Polaroid Cube, your photography possibilities are limitless. The cube has a lens of 124 degrees (wide-angle) and offers 1440p HD video. The battery lasts an impressive ninety minutes, which begs the question: what can you do to fill that time? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below are some creative uses for action cameras that will keep your picture-game on point while also making sure you get the most interesting, unique photos possible.

Capture High-Action Sports

Take re-watching game film to a whole new level. Often, it’s important for athletes to record their performance and then watch it back to see where they can improve. With the Polaroid Cube, you can use the camera to capture nontraditional (sports that aren’t basketball, football, or baseball) athletic activities. Attach it to your surfboard, your ski equipment, your skateboard, or more. The Cube gives you the ability to record your athletic abilities at a precision that hasn’t been done before. As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” and using this camera, you’re able to take “practice” to a whole new level.

Holiday Present-Opening

The holidays are soon going to be upon us, along with all the presents that come along with it. It’s family tradition to want to capture these moments and not let the time slip away without some lasting memory we can hold on to. The cube will record your holiday festivities without you having to miss the fun because you’re holding up a video camera or your phone the whole time. Instead, attach the cube to a location where it can catch all the gift-giving and gift-receiving, and allow it to work its magic while you live in the moment.

Discreet Nature Spotting

One obvious, unsurprising characteristic of wild animals is that they get scared of humans easily, especially since we aren’t always the quietest-moving or friendliest creatures out there. While learning more about our ecosystem is vitally important to maintaining our environment, sometimes our learning can be disrupted by having to lug around a camera while at the same time trying not to trample around too loudly and scare off all the wildlife. By taking the Polaroid cube with you and attaching it to your gear or any other optimal vantage point, you can free up your hands while also being able to capture what you’re seeing.


Dashcams can catch some wild things, especially in Russia, where it’s borderline-illegal to not have a camera on your dashboard. In lieu of filming something as crazy as an exploding meteorite or a truck full of cows being tipped over (both true stories), the Cube can serve as a Dashcam for road trips, or just as a safeguard against insurance fraud. If you get into a fender bender, it’s important to have documentation of what happened and having a dashcam that is reliable will definitely come in handy if, worst case scenario, the facts are in dispute and you have to go to court.

Figure out What Your Pets Do All Day

It can be a little mystifying, trying to figure out what our pets do all day when we’re not around, especially if things keep going missing in the house and all the evidence points to him or her. The Polaroid Cube can serve as a little mini-spy for you to scope out the house after you leave and answer any questions you may have, such as “Why are my shoes missing?” or “Who keeps knocking the Christmas tree over?” If your pet turns out to be the culprit, consider it a case solved with the Cube.

There are many more creative uses for action cameras, and rest assured that with the Polaroid Cube, you can explore them all. Gone are the days when videoing something required extra effort. With the Cube, you can catch anything anywhere at any time.

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