How To Cure the Posture Problem of IT Professionals

Being an IT professional means long hours of screen time. Sitting at a desk for hours without any physical movement can affect your body posture. Slouching and inactivity are the main reason behind the posture problem among coding freaks or we can say the IT professionals. Some of the major symptoms of bad posture are back pain, rounded shoulder, and a potbelly. All these are normal nowadays. Spinal dysfunctions and joint degeneration are the other two complications that are visible once you start getting aged. To avoid or to cure your posture issues you can implement some daily habits.

Listen to your body

Listening to your body is the best you can do. If you are feeling uncomfortable at certain positions, change your position. Just listen to your body and choose the position that provides you comfort and is graceful too.

Daily exercise

Exercise often helps you in getting rid of any posture issues, especially those that involve stretching of your body parts. Exercise will also help in toning your muscles as well as it will provide strength to your muscles.

Take frequent breaks

Just stretch your body once after every 2 to 3 hours of work. After stretching you can utilize this break time if 10 to 15 minutes for your meal or power nap.

Eat nutritiously

Nutrition is a must for you to remain healthy. If you want your bones and muscles to get stronger, add calcium to your diet. Calcium is a must for healthy bones and muscles. You can also take calcium tablets after consulting your doctor.

Work on your posture issue

If you already have some posture issue like round shoulders or a pot belly, you need to give specific attention to that particular issue. There are different exercises for the different part of your body. You can consult your gym manager or even you can get some exercise ideas online.

Sleeping posture

Always try to sleep on side. It is best for proper blood circulation. Make sure that your mattress is supportive enough for your spine. Memory foam mattress and the hybrid mattress are the two best options you can choose from. You can also get more tips for better sleep online or from your doctor. Just make sure that you are not neglecting any of the sleep deprivation symptoms. As sleep deprivation can cause back pain, neck pain or pain in your muscles. With pain, you will not be able to maintain your most elegant body posture.

Change your chair

The chair in your office or room, must not be too much soft or squashy. Ergonomic chairs are the best you can opt for. You have to sit for hours on this chair without any physical movement, so it matters a lot. You can also use lumbar rolls in regular chairs for your back support.

These are a few suggestions that we recommend. If you are facing some major issues, don’t neglect it. You should consult your physician in this case, even your gym trainer can help you here.

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