6 Android Apps that Will Let You Completely Customize Lock Screen (Marshmallow Edition)

The Android operating system started its journey back in 2009. Tons of features are packed with every new update which gave birth to latest Android version 6.0 : Marshmallow (Android N incoming). Now, not all features will suit your taste. So, that where third-party apps come in. They will let you customize and use those features the way you like.One of those features on your Phone will surely be the lock screen. You’ll notice you don’t get enough options to customize lock screen.

So, here I bring to you a list of android apps you that will lure you to use them in replacement of your stock lock screen. Each app is different from one another, which may give you a better choice to get an app closer to your ideal. They all are available for free to download on Play Store.

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1. Start :

Start is a beautiful app which comes loaded with many options. You can do basic changes like changing the wallpaper , changing the theme to advanced options like getting quick access to apps for the Lock Screen. The Start app also provides you with additional security options. Here is a little list to show you what you can do with Start.

Privacy : Select different methods to lock the screen for unwanted guests. Pick a pin code lock to use your personalized password or  pattern line lock to use a complicated design to keep your device secure.

Quick Access : Get everything right on the Lock screen . Open your favorite apps , get access to the search bar , check your emails & get access to quick settings. You can also use additional features like taking selfies directly from the Lock screen. Of course, you also can use basic functions like checking calls , notifications etc.

Customize : Make your Lock screen lively by using backgrounds and live wallpapers. Additionally , themes can also be changed for the Lock screen.

Bonus Widgets : Get access to various widgets tailor made for the Start. Check latest weather reports and news directly on the lock screen. Also, Assign app shortcuts to the screen.

Special Feature : Start gives you some additional features like notification manager , selfie camera, simple navigation etc.

Developer: Celltick
Price: Free
  • Start Screenshot
  • Start Screenshot
  • Start Screenshot


2. Screen Lock Guardian :

Screen Lock Guardian is another candidate for the customization of the Lock screen. Screen Lock guardian gives balance to both security and mobility to your device. Screen Lock guardian comes with a unique feature to prevent any tampering to the device. While Screen Lock Guardian focuses on security , the other things are not neglected.  What you can do is :

Locking attempts : You can set the maximum amount of locking attempts to prevent anyone from relentlessly trying to unlock the Device.

Silent Selfie : The apps takes the photo silently in a case of failed unlocking attempt . The photo is saved along with time and date. You can check it to find the culprit in the case of a possible theft attempt.

Favorite Apps : Assign up to maximum 5 apps to quick access. Then the apps can be easily launched directly from lock screen.

Background Wallpaper : Last but not least , you can change your background wallpaper of the Lock screen.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

3.M Locker – KKM Marshmallow 6.0 :

M locker is an app that gives you enhanced customization. for the lock screen. It can also be used for previous versions of Android to use Marshmallow styled locker. Use the app to select the image from your gallery  as a lock screen background. The app also supports plenty of themes. Control the Music , check the notification , use the torch – all can be done right from the lock screen. You can also hide sensitive notification. The M Locker also gives options for lock screen security. The M Locker features a colorful patter lock along with PIN lock. You can also check about the possible theft attempt by checking the secretly captured photo. That’s right , the M Locker captures the photo silently through the front camera when someone exceeds the maximum unlocking attempts. The M locker also gives you default lock screen options which were changed in Marshmallow update. You can swipe to easily access dialer and camera.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

4.SlideLock Locker :

The SlideLock Locker is one of the best locker app specifically for managing notifications. Almost every 6 app out of 10 uses the notifications to notify you about latest information. It can be tiring to manage notifications while having many applications installed in the device. The SlideLock Locker may come very handy in this situation. The app provides basic security options like PIN locker and pattern lock. Along with these , you can use use other feature like :

Custom Settings : Change and set various option like sound , vibration for notifications of different installed applications. The Notifications can be customized according to your priority. For example , device only vibrates if the notification is from not important application.

Screen Wake up : The device’s screen will bright up for a short amount of time when the notification comes. You can easily take a look  of notification without opening your device.

Support Feature : The app’s battery usage is low. It also gives time and location reminders. The SlideLock Locker swaps with default stock locker to give different visual overlook.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

5.AcDisplay :

AcDisplay features simple and elegant design. The design gives the smooth performance for the device. The application is focused around the notifications. The notifications are minimized and beautifully shown on the lock screen. The AcDisplay is designed to save the battery during the inactive hours to boost battery backup. There is also an option to blacklist the notification of any installed apps , Which will prevent the notification from showing. The app also provides options for the low-priority app. There are many other features include in the app to give us good stability. The AcDisplay may serve as a good alternative for default stock locker.

Developer: Artem Chepurnoy
Price: Free+
  • AcDisplay Screenshot
  • AcDisplay Screenshot
  • AcDisplay Screenshot

6.SnapLock Smart Lock Screen :

SnapLock is not only a perfect lock screen but also a considerate and intelligent assistant. As the developers of the application said , the SnapLock Smart Lock Screen gives a great feel to the lock screen. The app gives a great design along with tons of special editor-picked wallpapers. The notifications are also customized to provide a great view. The app has features like :

Stylish Notifications : The notification may pile up if not checked frequently. The app has card style notifications to provide better readability.

Time & Date : Arrange the time & date location to give a personal touch to your device lock screen.

Music Control : Get music options directly on the lock screen while listening to music. Play , Pause & change track right from the lock screen.

Widgets : Get the latest information about weather through weather widget. You can also try the calendar widget to not miss any important events.

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There are many locker apps available in the app store. So we have displayed here the applications which you may or may not know. So , tell us your experience regarding these locker apps you may have used and the locker app you are currently using. Leave a comment down below, it’s free !

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  1. I really like LEO Privacys. Its really a good and nice app lock because even you clear the apps data and cache in apps manager, its still working fine. I mean, the security code is not gone. Its really prevent unauthorize use of your phone apps. Good job.
    but i will try this app, it looks like amazing, then tell you my feeling.

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