How to Completely Customize New Tab Page in Chrome Using Awesome New Tab Page

Google Chrome offers a variety of settings to users for different functions, but what if they are not enough for you? There are numbers of options available as default, but you have to rely on Chrome Web Store for the majority of things. Awesome New Tab Page is one of the extensions available on Web store which can take your browser to another level.  In the past, we had shared with you Momentum New Tab Page. And, you guys liked it. So, here’s another one and it’s much better. Awesome New Tab Page plugin enhances the browser experience by allowing you to utilize browser’s new tab to fullest. Well, who doesn’t like to customize stuff to make it closer to their ideals?

It’s is very light weighted with its very own unique design. The extension will replace the Google chrome default new tab page with its custom page. This unique page has tons of feature which are very handy. You can utilize various apps provided by the plugin or even add new shortcuts as widgets. The new tab will work as a new favorite bar, but with more options. We have included a detailed guide about every feature for you to get the maximum out of this extension. If you think that the plugin will slow down your chrome browser, you can take a look at our guide on how to make Google Chrome run faster.

1. Unique Browser New Tab 


The plugin will replace the default new tab with its own grid UI. The UI has its own search box at top and default widgets in the middle. There are also quick icons located at the left side. The widgets can be easily added and deleted through the settings. The plugin also allows you to create your own custom shortcuts. You can add all your favorite sites as a shortcut and can quickly access it from new tab anytime. The plugin supports various widgets which can be downloaded from plugin official site. The apps downloaded from the web store can also be integrated into the grid. The widgets and shortcuts are completely customizable. You can change its height, width, background color and even icon. You can also change the background of the new tab. You can either pick different colors or upload & set any image as background. Now let’s dig a little bit further into every aspect.

2. Change the background:


You can easily change the background of the new tab by clicking on the configure button. The configure button is a little gear icon located in the menu at a left side , it is hard to miss. Click on the configure button and a new window will pop up . Go to the second background tab , where you can see two options: Change Background Color & Upload Image.  Click on the first button to set any color as a background. Click on upload image button to pick any image from your PC/laptop and set it as a background. You can also use any image from the web by putting its URL in the box below buttons. Note that to choose a color as a background , you will have to remove URL from the box if there is any.

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3. Add New Widgets & Apps 


There are many widgets supported by the extension. You can find widgets for Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Weather, RSS feed and so on. All the widgets are not available in the package, but you can download them at your will whenever you want. Click on the two rectangular block icon in the menu at the left side. Hovering over icons will show you the name of the button. Click on the widget button and you can see a new window. In this window , you can see all available widgets. Click on the “Get More Widgets” button at the top and it will lead you to the widget page. Download any widget that catches your eye and then you can see it in available widgets.


To add your newly downloaded widget into the grid first, you will have to unlock grid. Click on the Unlock button – the one with a lock icon and you can see the unlocked grid. Click on the Widgets button again, click on the widget you want to add & drag it to the empty slot in the grid & drop it. The new app can be installed same way, but with the different button. Click on App button which is on top of Widget button to open Google app store to install new apps.

4. Add a Shortcut 


Shortcuts can be considered as a favorite site that you visit frequently. Adding websites shortcuts are easy and furthermore, you can also customize it. First , unlock the grid by clicking on Unlock button. Hover over any empty grid and you can see “+” sign. Click on the sign and a new window will pop up . The windows have three tabs. In the first general tab, assign a name to the shortcut in name category. Then enter the URL address of the site to create a shortcut with default settings.  Now to customize it, head to the third Background tab and you can see various options. You can change the background color of your shortcut tile and can also use any image. The image can be used from URL or from your PC/laptop.

5.Recently closed tabs :


The plugin allows to easily revisit the recent websites through recently closed tabs button. Just click on the clock button in the menu located on the left side and you can see a list. The list will show all recently closed tabs. Yes, we can open them from the history menu but, it will show all the pages you visited. While with the plugin, you can only see sites which you have closed in the different tab. You can easily re-open any tab which you may have mistakenly closed.

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6.Settings :


The plugin has its own different set of settings. You can tweak them through “configure” button at the left side. Clicking on the button will show a new window. The window will let you :

  • Remove the default browser search box
  • Remove buttons from the left side
  • Change background of the grid like mentioned above
  • Import plugin settings
  • Export plugin settings
  • Online Backup
  • Set Grid height & width

The advanced options can cause the plugin to not work properly if not utilized properly. But that doesn’t mean that they are unstable. The purpose of the plugin is to make a new tab as a core to everything.

Download : Awesome New Tab Page on Chrome Web Store

Leave a comment down below if you got any questions, no need to be shy!

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