How To Delete iPhone Apps in iOS 10 and Higher Version

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Installing any app on the iOS platform is easy. You just need to enter in your credentials and hit the ‘Install’ button and Voila! You are done. But when it comes to the uninstalling part, things may get tedious. There are scenarios where an app gets stuck in the ‘download mode’ sometimes and later on it becomes hard to delete such iPhone apps from the home screen. It is also the same case with the system apps. We’ll discuss all the possible methods on how to delete iPhone apps on iOS devices running iOS 10 and above. Let’s get going.

How To Delete iPhone Apps Downloaded From iTunes Store:

Well, there is no set way on how you can work around getting any app uninstalled from your iOS device. The most common of all is to tap and hold method.

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• Tap and hold on the app icon that you want to delete or uninstall from your device.
• Wait till the apps start ‘jiggling’ and once they do that, just make sure to tap on the small X button next to the app icon and the system will ask you to confirm the deletion.
• Confirm, and your app has now been deleted from your device.
• Uninstalling or removing any apps on iOS may lead to loss of data, make sure to back up everything that you need before the removal of the app.
• You can always download the app from the iTunes back again whenever you feel like it.

How To Delete Pre-Installed Apps On iOS:

Well, with the introduction of the iOS 10, Apple have finally given their users this functionality to get rid of some of the system apps that are being pre-installed on your devices. There is a list provided by Apple, all these 23 apps can be deleted:

1. Calculator
2. iCloud Drive
3. Reminders
4. Calendar
5. iTunes Store
6. Stocks
7. Compass
8. Mail
9. Tips
10. Contacts
11. Maps
12. Videos
13. FaceTime
14. Music
15. Voice Memos
16. Find My Friends
17. News
18. Watch app
19. Home
20. Notes
21. Weather
22. iBooks
23. Podcasts

All in all, these 23 apps are somewhat necessary for the better performance of your iOS device. Even if you feel that you no longer need them or just want to erase some stuff to get more internal space on your device, only then you may want to delete iPhone apps.

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• Deleting or uninstalling these 23 iPhone apps from your iOS device follows the same pattern.
• Tap and Hold on the app that you want to delete.
• Wait till the apps start to ‘Jiggle’, and an X button appears next to them.
• Tap on the X button, and you’ll be asked for the confirmation, hit Remove and you can delete iPhone apps.

Though, it is not the actual deletion of the pre-installed system app. This functionality just deletes the app data that includes, credentials, apps settings, and its cached data. The app itself remains intact somewhere in the phone memory, come on! You can’t just delete any system app like that.

The System Apps Are Deleted But What Actually Happens?

Apple says that all of its apps only use about 150 MB data, so if you are thinking of deleting all the system apps, there isn’t much advantage of it that we can see. Also, even after the deletion of apps like Mail and the other core apps, you won’t be able to replace them. You can’t use a third-party app as a default app. Similarly, if you use Siri too often to send an email and you’ve deleted your Email app then the device will ask you to install the Email app.

• So it is plain and simple, the system apps that you think you are deleting or removing are just hiding and in hibernated mode.
• You can always re-install or make all the deleted system apps reappear by just opening the App Store and searching for it.
• Now simply, tap on the download button, and the app will appear in a flash once again on your home screen.
• This proves that the system app (s) that you’ve deleted was never deleted, as it just reappeared once again while you hit the download button.
• Next, you need to enter in all the essential credentials and details once again to make the ‘revived’ system app work again.

How To Delete Waiting For Apps On iOS:

Sometimes, there are some apps that we’ve downloaded, and somehow either because of unexpected shutdown or poor network connectivity the app fails to download and remains in the ‘waiting’ mode.These apps continue to remain in the ‘waiting’ mode forever. There is no way to delete them by the usual method by tapping and holding. The ‘jiggling’ mode never displays any X button beside these ‘waiting’ apps. Still, there are several ways of which you can get rid of these apps, let us get them listed

• Make sure the device is connected to the internet, and the internet is working fine.
• Now simply tap on the app and check whether if its starts to download.
• If the app is downloaded automatically, then you can tap and hold to make the app jiggle and then delete it using the X button.
• Otherwise, if the app fails to download, you can always go to the Settings of your iOS device then General>Usage and Manage Storage.
• Find the ‘waiting’ app there and delete the app.

If you aren’t able to find the delete option there too then you need to restart your iPhone once and check whether the app has been removed automatically or not. Sometimes such problems may occur due to server overload. So make sure to wait for few hours and then retry all the steps given above to remove the ‘waiting’ app. You can surely delete iPhone apps then.

Final Words

There are a lot many other methods available such as using Jailbreaking tools to fix this problem, but our list is for general users that aren’t on a jailbroken device. What’s your go-to way for removing iPhone apps on iOS 10 devices? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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