Getting Back the Dialer Shortcut on Lock Screen After Marshmallow Update

The Marshmallow update for Android has added tons of features into your little handheld device. The new options changed many old settings which you may not know about. But one thing you definitely didn’t miss and that would be a dialer shortcut of the Lock screen. The dialer shortcut of the Lock screen in the Android Marshmallow is replaced by a new shortcut : Google Now.


Google may think that this is a better option than using the dialer. You can open the Google now and say your command and Google now will give you results. But think about it , which option is better ? Easily accessing your phone dialer or shouting stuff at your device which may make you look a weirdo? You are not always alone as the saying goes “hills have eyes , walls have ears” and so on.

We know that you might have cried a lot for the missing dialer shortcut. But don’t loose your hope as there is a way to bring back good old dialer back. Okay then, putting jokes aside, you can follow simple steps below to get back dialer shortcut to Lock screen.



Go to the Settings menu and scroll down to the Apps category. Tap on Apps and press the gear icon. The gear icon will open up advanced settings under Apps. The position of gear icon is different depending on the device. In my case, it is at a bottom of the screen, but it may be different for you. Generally, it is at a top of the screen.


2. Scouting :


The gear icon will open sub menu Configure apps under Apps menu. There are various options , but you can ignore them . Your target is only one option. Tap on Default apps and another sub-menu will open.

3. Encounter :


You may find four or even more options under this sub-menu. Tap on the first option : Assist & voice input. Tap on the Assist app option.

4.Victory :


Once you tap on the Assist app, you will see a pop-up. You can see the Google App as a default option.


Select the option None at the bottom & Presto! The dialer shortcut is back to its former glory. You can now see the dialer shortcut again at the Lock screen instead of Google now shortcut.


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Get back the Google now shortcut:

So what if you have switched to dialer shortcut and want to get back Google now shortcut? It is same as above. But select Google app as default option this time. If a pop-up opens, asking if you agree or not, tap on “Agree” and you will get back Google now shortcut at Lock screen.

Here is a quick revision if you have skimmed through everything.

Go to  Settings > Apps > Tap on gear icon > Default Apps > Assist & voice input > Assist app > select “None” .

That will be it, folks. Enjoy your reunion with dialer shortcut. 😀

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