Want to Disable Updates in Windows 10? Here’s How


So, you want to disable Windows 10 updates. Maybe you have metered internet connection or you just don’t care to update. If you know Windows 10 has now become a service. No further versions will be available that’s one thing to notice. It will get updated just like Google chrome does. New feature or improvement will be sent as an update thus eradicating Windows install and uninstall fuzz.

Before you turn off Windows updates one thing you should know that Microsoft also sends along security updates. Which is essential to protect your PC from viruses. If you’re using some other Anti-virus software instead of Windows defender. You still need to consider these security updates because it contains virus definition that your anti-virus might not have.

No matter what your reason is to disable Windows 10 updates. We are going to show you how to do it.

How to Disable Windows 10 Updates

If you have a metered connection than just set that network as “Metered” and viola Windows 10 won’t download updates automatically on that particular network. Maybe your home network has limited metered the internet than just set it as “metered” and when you connect to any other WiFi network it will download the updates. Here’s how to set a connection as metered. Search¬†(win key + s) for “WiFi Settings”. In the advanced options, you will find the toggle for turning metered connection on and off.

Unfortunately, Ethernet connections cannot be set as metered in Windows 10. But there’s a workaround for users that want to disable windows updates on Ethernet connection using Group Policy Editor. The Group policy Editor is not available in Windows 10 home edition.

Disable Windows updates through Group Policy Editor

Press Windows + R and type in “gpedit.msc”.


It will open Group policy editor. Now open “computer configuration”. In there open “Administrative template”. Then “Windows Components”. In windows components at the bottom, you’ll find “Windows update”. In Windows update double-click Configure Automatic updates. It will open the following window. Now, select enabled and under “configure automatic updating” select “2. Notify for download and notify for install”. Hit Apply and OK.

disable automatic windows update

Tell us what do you think of Windows 10 as a service?

So, new features and improvements will directly come through windows updates. What do you think this is a great move or having different versions is better. Let us know down in the comments.

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