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download music via chrome-extension
“Music is love. Music is life.” Wait! I think I had written that in one of my previous article. Oh! Yes. The dedicated lyrics apps for Android one. Well, truth should be told and it doesn’t matter how many times you say it. But, in order to experience this truth we need to have access to the source. And, the source of Music is the MP3 file itself. So, to easily access these MP3 files we have found 4 useful ways to download music via chrome extensions on the chrome web store. Now, downloading music may be considered piracy depending on what you download & may also lead to copyright issues(if you use for commercial purposes). It is up to you whether you want to do it or not. But it is available in chrome web store, so why not?

We have picked different types of extensions to download music in different ways. You can just search it via name, download directly from SoundCloud or even download all available audio in any website in one go! To download music via chrome extensions is very easy. So, let’s dig in.

1.Download Music via Chrome Extensions : Trevx

download music via chrome extensions1

Trevx is an online music downloader extension available in the chrome web store. The extension size is very small but that doesn’t mean it is not useful. Install the extension and you can see it’s icon in the apps menu of chrome. The apps are located below search box at the right side in a new tab, just in case if you don’t know. Open the extension in the apps menu and it will bring you to a new page with a search box in it. You can search the audio by its name, artist name or audio content. Hit the enter key or search button to get the search results. You can pick any audio from numerous search results & download it with download button on the right side.

There are few options available which can be accessed via menu icon located on the top-left side. There are three categories available. The first category got different genres, the second category features various artists and the last category shows different themes.

Download : Trevx extension from chrome web store

2.SoundCloud Music Downloader:

download music via chrome extensions2

SoundCloud is a website which lets you stream audio created by many audio creators. SoundCloud Music Downloader lets you download audio from SoundCloud in different ways. The songs can be downloaded in one click. You can see extension icon with every track once you install it. Any track can be downloaded by clicking on the extension icon. You can download tracks that you liked & even tracks that your friends liked. SounCloud lets you create your own playlists. Downloading each track from the playlist is not a viable task. But with the extension, the playlist can be easily downloaded with just one click. This is one of a simple way to download music via chrome extensions using SoundCloud.

Download : SounCloud Music Downloader from chrome web store

Android User? Here’s a quick on how to play music on Android Using Physical Buttons

3.Sound Pirate :

download music via chrome extensions3

Sound Pirate is the audio grabber extension which can grab any audio playing in the browser. Sound Pirate can be used for most of the streaming websites. The extension can be used right after installing it into chrome. To download the audio, first head to any streaming website or other websites where you can play audio. Once you play the audio, you can see the extension icon at the bottom left- corner of the screen. Clicking on it will directly start downloading the audio. It is very neat and simple. Note that plugin can not be used for YouTube. You can’t download audio from any video from the YouTube. But, you can check out our guide on how to stream audio from YouTube videos.

Download : Sound Pirate from chrome web store

4. MP3 Downloader :

download music via chrome extensions4

MP3 Downloader is the last plugin in our download music via chrome extensions guide. The extension can download and play all the audio available from any page of the website. The extension will show the list of all audio which can be downloaded. Install the extension and head to any website. You can see the list by clicking on the extension mp3 icon near menu button of the chrome. If there are no audio on the page which can be downloaded, the list will say “ No results on this page!“. Otherwise, you can see all audio available in the list along with play, pause & download button. One of the drawbacks of the extension is that it will not work on every website automatically. But don’t worry, since we already have a solution for it. If the list doesn’t show any audio, play any track on the page and click on the extension icon again. The extension will show the download button now.

Download : MP3 Downloader from chrome web store

This concludes our list. You can also share any other ways you may have been using to replace our download music via chrome extensions guide.

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