Download Notifier is a smart replacement of Download Bar in Chrome


One thing Google did real nice with Chrome. Making the chrome notifications run in the background to alert you of the notifications of browser and your android device. And Much more nicer thing was to give the chrome developers the access. That gave more space to developers and helped them extend their creativity while creating extensions. The best example is Pushbullet. I need not to tell you anything about it.

One more extension called Download Notifier┬áhas extended this feature of chrome notification by alerting you of a file download is complete. May be you’re downloading some large file and you’ve minimized chrome to do some other activity on desktop. As soon as the download is complete the file downloaded card pops up and clicking on “Reveal in finder” option(which should be “reveal in folder”) opens the folder where the file is downloaded.


Well talking about the faults, the download bar will be disabled with the download of the extension. As the title says smart replacement of the download bar. But I should say it’s not that smart. Clicking on the file name on the card doesn’t open the actual file but the folder containing it. That’s a must have feature as the extension is categorized in the productivity section on the web store. Also the extension should not disable the download bar(makes no sense). Clicking the extension icon in the browser will take you to the download page(which can be easily done by Ctrl + J). So, it much more like replacement rather than an extension that improves the functionality of downloads.
Well, it’s lightweight and does stand firm in functionality justifying it’s name. Drop down your thoughts in the comments section.

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