Download Youtube Videos with new Offline Feature

Youtube just brought in an awesome update which now let’s users download youtube videos for offline viewing. But sadly this feature is only available in India, Indonesia and Philippines(for now!). This feature allows users to playback the videos once it’s taken offline but only up to 48 hours.

Youtube Offline

Announcing it today Youtube wants the users in these countries to watch their favorite content without getting annoyed of buffering due to slow internet connections. Well, they said that many popular videos will be available for offline viewing. Why not all?

Note: After few hours of using the feature it seems that monetized videos can’t be available for download.

Well, talking about the features. It gives the users to select the quality of the video and also pause and resume the download when necessary. Also while changing the offline settings youtube got suddenly crashed. And it actually happened over and over again. So, may be future updates will fix the bug.

Talking about the limitation of 48 hours show that Youtube doesn’t want you to have the video forever. Standing firm on their TOS. Also only music videos, trailers and TV show clips are mostly available for download. Also, some videos that are big like more than 15 minutes.

Google has targeted this area because of the huge population here using mobile but don’t have decent internet speeds. The youtube geeks out there in other countries will be curiously awaiting for this feature. I think it won’t be that late.

Well, youtube just got revamped with new “Material Design” . But, it’s not actually that cool as Offline viewing is. Right?

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