Easiest Way to Use Spotify from any Country

Spotify is one of the most used Music Streaming service. But, sadly it’s only available in US and UK. Well, that doesn’t make us fall short from not using it. Hola Better Internet is a chrome extension that let’s you access geographically blocked sites through a peer-to-peer VPN(Virtual Private Network). So, we’ll use this tool to unblock spotify and make it accessible to you in which ever country you are. (Well, not just spotify but it works for other services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora,etc.) So, let’s see how you can do it.


Understanding How Hola works

Hola is freemium web service that provides you private, secure and faster internet. And also it let’s you access geo-blocked sites in your country. What it actually does is redirects you to an internet connection that is already using the geo-blocked service(in our case spotify) and let’s use the service on that person’s behalf.
Let’s keep real people in the above explanation. Okay, let’s say I’m here in India (which I actually am!)  and I want to access spotify through hola. So, hola will find an internet connection or in other word an IP address that is already using that service and redirect you to that IP address. So, you’ll be using the service on his behalf. Thus circumventing the Spotify servers based in US.
But, the IP addresses will keep changing and it can be possible that your IP address will be used by someone else. To avoid that you’ll have to pay for hola premium. So, that’ll not let your IP address to be used by someone else.

How to access Spotify in your Country

Step-1: Download the chrome extension. Sign up for the account and it’ll take you the popular sites that are unblocked and used in your country.
Step-2: Search Spotify and hover over it. You’ll see a lock icon, click on it and it’ll unblock spotify for you. (Forever!) It’ll save it for you so that you need not unblock it every time you open spotify.
Step-3: Now just go create an account and download spotify. The site will load a bit slower, because Hola will be performing different processes in background.


How to Log-in Spotify using Facebook

I used Facebook to login into my spotify account. But, I had some issues while logging in through the PC software. So, if you choose to log-in through Facebook you may go through this issues. Here I’ve provided the fix.
You can actually easily log-in using facebook on the web. But, the real issue arises when you do it through the software. It’ll open the browser again to authenticate using Facebook but it’ll show up “Desktop Client communication failed”. Well, if it doesn’t show up such thing than you’re good to go. But, if it does you’ll have to actually set up your password and login using username and password.

Your username will be numbers “12344354” by default which you can’t change. Just head to profile. Under the edit profile section you’ll find a link to set your password for your device. Click on it you’ll be sent an email which will contain the link to change your password.


Now login with the username(121235540) and password that you just set. Don’t forget to check the remember me button. And you’re done! You’ll need not authenticate through facebook also you can enjoy other features you get by authenticating through facebook.

Use Spotify on Android too.

Hola is also available on Android. So, you can enjoy spotify on android too! Get the hola android app and actually you can download the spotify app through the hola app under the Apps section. You can also it as a browser to surf internet privately choosing whichever country you want.
Share what do you think was your experience with Hola? Or do you use any other Free VPN other than Hola?
  1. Hey. Tried all the steps you mentioned. Yet on downloading the app, feeding in my username mentioned on the spotify website and password, it says that the country does not match the one set in the profile. :/ This is extremely annoying and I desperately need to have spotify. TIA for any suggestions.

  2. Thank for sharing!
    Hola extension worked for me some months ago, but when I tried again it was not working. As alternative extension for Chrome I found Tunnelbear to work perfectly.

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