How to Enter Facebook Android Beta Program

If you love beta testing applications and using Facebook too, then you should join Facebook’s Android Beta program. By entering this program you get early access to new features and error fixes. But, on the risk of depleting your system memory(sometimes) and more bugs. Well, that’s what beta testing is all about. So let’s see how you can become Facebook Android app beta tester.

  1. Join the Facebook Android Beta Google group. Here you’ll get the instructions and some warnings.
  2. Now visit this link to become a Beta Tester and join the program.
  3. Now you need to uninstall your current Facebook android app and reinstall it from Play Store. Within 24 hours you’ll automatically get update for the beta app.

Few things to consider:

  • It’s a beta testing program, so, bugs and errors are must. I’m mentioning this because people have been stupidly commenting on their facebook page that the app is buggy and causing many error, rather than mentioning the specific errors. The beta testing is all about reporting the errors and bugs and also request for new features.
  • Facebook’s android beta page is especially created to report bugs and errors. Whenever there’s an update, the the page will be updated of the new update. You report the bugs by commenting on the particular update post. It’s best to report them within 24 hours. Facebook app developers interact with each and every comment.
  • If you want to leave this beta program. Just go back to the page where you enrolled for joining the program. In the bottom you’ll get the link to leave the program. Again you’ll have uninstall and reinstall the facebook app. And you’ll stop receiving beta updates.

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