Find Apps and Games on Sale for Android Devices with these 5 Ways

App developers generally provide discounts on their paid apps to boost the downloads count and to increase its popularity. It’s certainly not an easy task to find out which of your favorite apps have gone on sale unless you’ve subscribed to their email newsletters. Also, Android’s Play Store don’t have a separate section that mentions such apps. So, how do you find which apps are on sale? How do you track them? Here are the 5 Ways to find apps on sale for Android devices. Let’s dig in.

1. Ultimate solution to Find Apps on Sale

AppSales is an all-in-one app on Play Store that will help you track the apps that are on sale. It’s got many features that make it the best destination for users to find app deals and paid apps that have gone free. Well, let’s have a look at some of its great features.


Opening the app, you’ll first get to see the Sales Tab which displays the popular apps that recently had a price cut. It not just displays the app name and price but also the number downloads and the Play Store rating. Tapping on one of the items, you’ll get to see a better overview of the app. It’ll show you the screenshots, description of the app and a Price chart that shows the minimum and maximum amount at which the App was priced. You can further tap on the price tag or add it to the watchlist for monitoring the price drop.


You also get a Price Radar that displays the most recent Apps that had a price cut. It also shows Expired Tag when the price is back to the original. Apart from that, you can also check which apps have become Free. Swipe from the left to open the sidebar and you’ll get to see the Now Free tab. Another great feature that I mentioned above is the Watchlist. If you have some favorite paid android apps and you want to track their price cuts then this Watchlist feature can be very useful. You have to just tap on the Watchlist icon in the App overview and it will be added. You’ll also get a notification for these Watchlist apps when there’s a price cut.

Apart from that, notifications can also be setup for specific categories from the settings. In the settings, you can also set up filters for specific discount amounts and notifications. The app also shows Ads so if you want to get rid of it then you’ll have to buy the Premium version of the app. It’s a great app in my opinion and I’m still using it.

Download AppSales on Play Store (Free, in-app purchases)

2. AppTurbo’s App of the Day

AppTurbo is an Android App that lets you download every day one paid app for Free. The Team of experts at AppTurbo regularly negotiate with app developers to make their App the ‘Free App of the Day’. You’ll get a notification every day displaying which App has been made Free for today. As mentions before, developers usually make price cuts or just make it Free to boost the number of downloads. It helps them in future to gain more users.


‘App of the day’ presents a paid app for Free every day.

Well, talking about the features of the app, there’s not much to offer. You just get a notification every day for ‘Free App of the Day’ which you can turn off if you want. Vibrations can also be enabled and disabled from the app. Apart from that, you can change your country and language to get specific deals of your region. Also, if you’re wondering that you’ll get a paid app for Free every day then that’s not the case. Sometimes it even presents already Free apps as App of the day. There’s even a ‘Game of the Day’ app and ‘App of the Night’ app from the same company

Download App of the Day on Play Store (Free)

3. Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground is another service that can help you find apps on sale and the ones that have gone free. It was formerly known as Free App of the Day. It’s now available as a standalone app that you can download. The only limitation here is that it’s only available in the United States. So, after you download and install the Amazon Underground app from the link given below, you’ll have to manually change the country/region from the settings to the US in order to enable Underground.


Amazon Underground app interface.

The Underground app is integrated with the actual Amazon app so you, of course, can buy other products with this app. You can directly search for the app in the search box or look for it in the Amazon Appstore section.

Download Amazon Underground (Free)

4. The Humble Mobile Bundles


The Humble Bundle is mostly famous for the Pay-what-you-want deals. They mostly cover PC games but occasionally they do come up with Humble Mobile Bundles. Sometimes, they even add games that are available both on PC and Mobile platforms. So, you should keep an eye on their website or you can even download their android app to be directly notified on your phone.

Humble Bundle Android App (Free)

5. Look for Other Websites

There are many websites that cover Apps and Game Deals. One of the websites I’m currently following is Android Police. They have a separate section called ‘Deals‘ where they share different Android apps and Games that have gone free or are on sale. Mostly, you’ll find product deals but App deals are also frequent. If you use Pushbullet then you can follow their Channel – ‘Deals’ to get quickly notified on your phone.


Apart from that, there are several subreddits on Reddit that you can follow to track down different deals on Apps and Games. Here are some subreddits you should subscribe to – /r/googleplaydeals, /r/AppHookup and /r/appdeals.

The Best Way to Find Apps and Games on Sale

Android is a huge marketplace for developers. But, as you might know, that majority of users are from the developing countries where users are quite reluctant to spend digital money. However, we’ve seen many gaming corporations and developers come up with paid apps in the recent years and have been successful on the platform. Frequent price cuts and making the app go Free for a day can easily increase the popularity of the app.

So, these were some of the ways I use to track down apps on sale. The best way for me currently is AppSales app. I specifically like its watchlist feature that helps to track a particular app. Let us know down in the comments if you have any other ways to find apps that are on sale.

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