Firefox Hello lets you directly Video or Voice Call from Browser


There are many ways to make a video call and voice call to person you desire. There are many sites and tools offers  this free video calling service,like Skype. But to make video/voice calling more easier , The Mozilla Firefox has introduced a new service – Firefox Hello. “Oh great, another video calling site”- I can see that thought in your mind. So what makes Firefox Hello different from the rest of the group? Firefox Hello eliminates any downloading of additional tools. Firefox Hello is portable video / voice calling feature that only needs browser like Firefox,Chrome or Opera. You will also need microphone and a webcam , depending on your type of calling, can’t forget that.

So how it works? Before we go to that , Go to Menu Bar in top of the browser and right-click > Customize. Add Firefox Hello icon to where you want in browser by drag and drop. Now you can video call by just one click.


Firefox Hello1

You can put it anywhere in browser..anywhere !


How to make call :

1.  Click on Hello Button and Click ” Start a Conversation “. Note that you will be calling as guest. You can sign-in to your Firefox account and sync your contacts.


Firefox Hello 2


2. Now you can copy the link using copy button and can send it to person whom you want to call. You can send the link through email or any messaging service , doesn’t matter !


Firefox Hello 3


3. Now your part is done. When your friend click on the link which you sent them , the Hello icon will turn blue and alert you , which means you can now start video call / voice call .

So pretty easy , isn’t it? You can accept your friend’s request by just clicking on the invitation link. The Firefox Hello is still in Beta phase , so keep an eye out for new features !

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