Fix Youtube Buffering Problems with SmartVideo [Chrome Extension]

Do you have Youtube buffering problems? Buffering doesn’t complete till the end when the video is paused? Here’s a chrome extension that can help you fix these issues. SmartVideo gives you full control over your view and buffer of the Youtube video. Let’s see what can it do.


SmartVideo gives you the features that Youtube should have built-in. After downloading the chrome extension(link given in the end) you’ll be taken to the preferences page. Where you can set your preferences for Youtube videos, Embedded videos, and Playlists. Let’s start the features rundown:


1. Loop Your Videos

One obvious feature that Youtube should have but doesn’t is the auto-replay. You can replay your playlists but not a particular video. So, SmartVideo has it covered. The first option you’ll see the ability to loop videos. Means replay the videos automatically. Also whenever you hover over the video you’ll see the settings available down below. So, you can also control your setting while watching videos. Also you can hide them under global preferences.

2. Start Buffering while page is loading

With the option Start Buffering right away you can set the videos to start buffering simultaneously while the page is loading. Which actually doesn’t happen normally.

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3. Start Playing after some percentage of Buffering

You can also get the ability to postpone the playing until some percentage of video is buffered. Under the option start playing when buffered you can set after what percentage of buffering would you like to play the video. If you’ve got a slow internet. Then this option is definitely for you.
Also with smart buffer option the extension automatically detects your speed and decides itself when the video should be played after buffering. It’ll make sure that you don’t get the buffering sign again while playing video. Smart feature!

4. Fully buffer videos when paused

With next option the extension make sure the video is fully buffered after you’ve paused. Sometime, you may want to search something on web and simultaneously let the video buffer, it’s kind of productive. But, when you go back for the video it’s half or 3/4th buffered. So, this option can fix this issue of not getting fully buffered when paused.

5. Video Quality and Player Size

You can set the default video quality and player size. If your internet is slow you should choose to keep 240p or else you can use the option of controlling buffer as mentioned above for smooth playing. Set default player size: small or large.
Same are the options for embedded videos and playlists. Let us know what you think about the extension in comments.

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