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Technology is upgrading day by day.New gadgets and machines are poured into market everyday. Along with that new and better Smartphones are released based on major platforms like Android, Windows and so on. Each smartphones are different from each other and unique in their own way. One of the common but all time favorite feature of it is : Camera, obviously. Digital Camera App, a great companion to treasure the memories and save it directly to phone. Soon there will be time when Smartphones will replace all Digital Cameras.

Well, it’s all assumptions. But one thing that won’t change is the printing procedure and estimated printing cost if you don’t mind throwing few bucks around for each photo. As painful as it is, printing won’t guarantee the much needed stylish quality and in addition to that, it also have boundaries, few limitations which makes whole printing procedure unpleasant. And don’t forget the time it consumes to edit and print photo, one by one by one. Even if it is less desirable, one can not always rely on smartphones because their is a life outside of  the box: smartphones or Tablets.

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There is a easier way for whole printing thing. There is an App named “Flag” running and under developing by Samuel Agboola and his company. This App is based on a simple but very effective idea. The “Flag” app helps with printing of photos. For now it is only available for Apple Users / On iOS platform.

So the app helps with printing of photos. So what is anything new in that? The “new” thing is it will also ship the printed photos to your locations – In a sealed envelope, Pretty interesting huh? On top of that the service is free.

It is free? That can’t be true. So what’s the catch? There are no hidden charges here. All printed photos on the backside are empty white, there is nothing on it. “Flag” uses this blank side as an advantage. Instead of white emptiness on backside, it holds the creative “Advertisement” on it. So basically advertising company is paying for all your printing and shipping costs. An Innovative idea -works in benefits of advertisers and consumers.

So why choose Flag:    

  • The service is free!You do not need any other reasons than that.But still there are many features which makes “Flag” service exceptional.
  • “Flag” prints every single pixel camera catches and gives crystal clear prints containing every single little detail  photo can possibly hold.
  • “Flag” prints square photos as square prints.
  • flag app photo screenshot
  • Choose custom borders for every print from round corners to no border at all!With Flag’ Lasers,it is possible to create your favorite frame for your favorite photos.
  • Split photo into multiple prints and enlarge any part with Flag’s Jigsaw Enlargement feature.
  • Print your captured moments along with its details. Print the photo with camera info and location at the back of print.Relive the moment whenever you like.
  • You chose everything custom in your prints, so why not make custom postcards with your custom print and share the joy? Let the “Flag” create postcard and also post it for you-at local rates.
  • Supported on iOS platform and soon to be on Android and Windows Platform.
  • More amazing projects go on : kickstarter
  • Visit Official Flag site for further details: Flag


Can print upto max 20 photos per month for free. After that it costs few bucks for printing. Also some extra features also cost extra bucks. Service is increasing at fast rate, but currently available in US only. 

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