Flow Home Beta Review

“LAUNCHERS”. The best alternative to changing the look and feel for your android device, if you’re afraid or not capable of rooting and installing a custom firmware.

So, we have a new player entered into this game of  launchers. Well, not new. Was launched back in 2014, when I downloaded it. But, unfortunately couldn’t use it because I didn’t have the invite code. It’s Flow Home a minimal launcher, which has windows phone kinda home screen, is in “beta” and has impressed me after it’s 2 days of heavy usage. Here’s my review.

The Home Screen



flow home beta

We’ll start with it’s core feature. The home screen contains tiles which displays posts and articles fetched out from your social networks. Right now it shows feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Feedly with Google+ and Reddit incoming in the further builds. At the top you get a header and profile image. With date and weather widgets at the sides. Tapping on the profile pic will take you to the settings of the launcher. Where you can further customize.

You can pull down from top to refresh the feed. The tiles UI is amazingly beautiful. You get different themes with 1 and 2 column support. I specifically liked 2 column themes. It gave more exposure to the feeds and less time loading. The tiles take in the dominant color of the image in it and display it’s brighter variant. Tiles are shown in article, photo and text form.

Opening a tile will show you an excerpt of the feed. As the tile view contains the compressed images it will be reloaded to it’s original form when opened. At the bottom you get options to share and also you can open the specific app if you want. Swiping to right on the tile removes it.


It also does have the shortcuts capability in the right bottom contained with it’s logo. Tapping on it you’ll get your app shortcuts displayed in semi-pie design. Long tap on the main shortcut icon will take you to search where you can search your apps. It would be great if online search was integrated with it.



Well, they haven’t ditched the app drawer. Swiping to the left you’ll get your apps, placed in an unpleasing dark background. I hope they give the ability to set a custom transparent background.

Well, there is something I noticed in the Feeds. I could mostly see Twitter and Instagram feeds and less Facebook. (I don’t use tumblr.) So, if you’re more on Twitter or Instagram, this launcher’s for you.

So, last of all I’d recommend this launcher to those people who use twitter, likes windows phone UI, has 2500+ mAh battery(read cons below) and 1GB+ RAM if you’re a multi-tasker and wanna avoid random crashes.

Follow Flow Home on Twitter and keep an eye on their updates to get yourself an invite. Currently it’s BETA17.

Download on Play Store.

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