Force Open a Site in your Friend’s Browser using Shove| Chrome Extension

Ever thought of force opening a web page on your friend’s computer while he is browsing? It’s like reading an interesting article or watching an awesome video and all of sudden out of no where a new web page opens up right on top of that current page. This is crazy. Shove does exactly that. It’s a crazy,little,funny and useful chrome extension.

Well, you might be thinking is it something related to comprising your friend’s computer? No it’s not. You both have to create an account to use it. So, it’s like you’re agreeing that your friend can stop you from browsing and force you to see a web link.

First, you create an account and then add your friend using his username. Now, when you want share some web page or may be even GIF image. You have to click on shove icon and select your friend’s username. The web link will be sent to him and will open up in his pc. First screen shown will be this in a new Tab.


This can be really annoying. You can send funny GIFs and even do image conversations. Or you can also use it to share links with friends which is it’s original use. Well, that depends on you and you friends on how you use it.

There’s also shovebot. If you shove her a link it’ll hit you back with another fun link. I think these are the links that other users have already shoved. If you don’t want anyone to shove you for a particular time, you can simply log out. Snooze features will be available in future update.

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Let us know down in the comments what do you think of this extension. Or do you know any other crazy and useful extension.

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