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Howdy, Guys! Here I come with the first Giveaway on this blog. Never thought I would do this early. But, thanks to FormGet for giving us the chance to host this giveaway. Not wasting much of your time I’ll straight get into “What’s my take” on the app that has mesmerized me this month and at last it’s time for you to participate in the GIVEAWAY…!!

My take on FormGet (Review)

Not everyone would be knowing about FormGet so I thought to first share my personal experience. Honestly, even I didn’t know about it until Neeraj Agrawal from FormGet contacted me to host this giveaway. It’s easy to setup, authentic design and the perfect desired output made me host this giveaway for you guys. So, that you too can feel the awesome experience that I had while using the app.

Talking about the experience. It was just wonderful. I headed to their site (looked pretty). Scrolled down to check out what they had to give. Hit the Try for free button.( You can also try it out for free, obviously!) Took out my phone turned on the stopwatch to actually check how much time did it take to setup my first form. And below is the result.


The time result includes analyzing the options, picking up the perfect option, signing up, choosing the design and saving the form (plus the internet speed as a download was going on simultaneously). I was satisfied by the setup. Here’s the output. (Contact form of ATF.)  Now going on to the dashboard. The dashboard I felt should have added a bit more information. By information I mean the number of form views and stats directly on the dashboard. You have to actually click on the link to your stats and new messages. The stats shown were informative with colorful graphs. Onto the designs. No doubt, they’re just awesome. Also you get power to set your own design.(Only in Pro account.)

FormGet also offers some exclusive features with it’s Pro Account. So let’s take a little tour on some of the Features.

Different Unique Designs : Pick through varieties of beautiful Form Designs. FormGet understands your need of customization, thus gives you  a large collection of  different Form designs. Different form design  for different tasks. Either it is for Business,Registration or even about ordering a pizza! I have attached some of the FormGet ‘s form designs. But you can just browse through all the designs from here .


HelpDesk Tool : With FormGet, you get a powerful HelpDesk Tool. So what is HelpDesk Tool? It is a dynamic system which gives you a edge over client issues. You can response your clients faster and quicker. What’s better than a happy customer? More happy customers means more revenue for you.

Payment Processor : FormGet can help you increase your revenue, but is there any help with collecting those revenue? With FormGet’s ‘Payment Processor’,the answer is yes. The setup is pretty easy.Add PayPal field while creating your form and include your products and services. Save the from and go to Payment settings under the settings option in your Dashboard. There you go,You can manage all your products and services and their pricing with few mouse clicks. You can collect one time payment or recurring payment via form. The new features will be added in time.

Email Intregation : To walk with today’s technology side by side, FormGet also offers an Email Integration. Receive a email notification everytime you get a new form entry. You can stay updated with the notification you receive. You can also add multiple emails for notification. Also can customize an email to user when you give a reply.

Conditional Logic : If you want your form to reach some minimum requirements before showing new fields , You can use FormGet’s ‘Conditional Logic’ feature. You can add different conditions to your from,based on that the form will change dynamically. It shows and hide form fields based on user input.

Now I can go on and on about more features which FormGet have to offer, But I won’t,actually I can’t. There are so many features which will take more than a single article.But you can simply check them on FormGet official site. You can check it through here .


Now, talking about what will you get with the pro account. First of all unlimited entries. Entries are limited to 300. You can increase them by referring FormGet to someone else.  Your upload limit will be extended, better payment options, add more team members and manage more forms. Watch video below for more exposure to features of the app.

I’ll give FormGet 4.5 out of 5 for easy setup, authentic design, fine customization, ability to add team members and for providing us to manage all of your form from just one place. Go try it if you haven’t already.


The Giveaway


3 Winners will be randomly picked. All you have to do is to follow FormGet on the social networks and share about the giveaway with your friends. The 3 winners will get Pro accounts for 3 months.

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