Four Type of Computer Cases – What’s the Right One for Your Needs?

When it comes to choosing a computer case, many people make a choice based purely on cost and looks. While it’s okay to go choose something that you find aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to consider other factors as well. You want to make the most of your chosen computer case.

In fact, the right case can help your system perform better. Moreover, the space inside your case determines the number of computer components that you can use. A small form factor (SFF) case, for example, looks sleek and fancy, but it can only accommodate a limited number of components.

Let’s explore the four types of computer cases, so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

Small Form Factor (SFF) Case

SFF cases are some of the smallest computer cases and are ideal for housing a home theater PC (HTPC). They fit perfectly on most TV shelves and in closets. In fact, you don’t need to worry about it looking out of place next to other home theater equipment.

If you’re a gamer who attends LAN parties, a small form PC would be a perfect choice for you as it is quite portable and weighs about 4 kg/9 lbs. SFF is also space-efficient, and hence a great choice if you’re a basic user with limited space.

Mini Tower Case

If you’re looking for a case that can perfectly fit a Mini ITX Motherboard, you can’t go wrong with a mini tower case. With a height of about 15 inches, mini-tower cases may also accommodate Micro ATX Motherboards. However, you may want to read some Micro ATX Case reviews to get the best option for a Micro

ATX Motherboard.

If you’re not into making modifications and are comfortable with a somewhat basic setup, a mini tower case will work just fine for you. It’s still important to realize that this type of computer case has quite limited space, and you may have a hard time installing some computer components.

Mid Tower Case

With a height of about 18 inches, a Mid Tower case can accommodate all standard-sized Motherboards – ATX, Micro ATX, and ITX.
If you’re one of those gamers who like modifying their PC and attending LAN parties, a mid-tower case would be a perfect choice for you. These cases are small enough to fit under your arm comfortably and can accommodate several hard drives, but you may have a hard time inserting large Graphics Cards.

Full Tower Case

Full tower cases are the largest computer cases you can get. With a height of about 22 inches, a full tower case can fit up to ten hard drives. They also can fit different types of motherboards, including ATX, mini ATX, and mini ITX.

For a gamer, this type of computer case is an excellent choice as you can perfectly fit a Full ATX Motherboard, install full-sized Graphics Cards, and add other performance boosting components.

In Conclusion

When purchasing or building a computer, the type of casing is typically overlooked, and people only consider cost and appearance. It’s important that you choose a computer case based on not only looks and cost but also your performance requirements.

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