7 Free Android Horror Games That Will Keep You Awake At Night!

Everyone loves horror genre to a certain degree. The feeling of getting your heart skip a bit and the rush you feel in your head from the simple jump scares. You know that there will be a jump scare and yet,you can’t take your eyes away from it. For a Horror-junkie like me, it was hard to find scary horror movies to fill up my appetite in recent years. As I also wanted to laze around on my couch at the same time,playing horror games on my computer was not an option. So, I took out my trusty Android smartphone from my pocket and looked for the Free Android Horror Games.

Do note that it’s not a top10 list and the games below are in random order. I also have excluded popular horror games from the list to provide information about hidden gems. And lastly,there aren’t any zombie games listed below. To be honest, I do not see zombies as scary and thus refrained zombie games from adding in the list. It’s my personal opinion, though.

1.Mental Hospital [I-IV]


Mental Hospital is a first person survival horror game. The games are developed by an indie-game developer. The game runs on the Unity engine which boasts top-notch graphics for a mobile game. The game features a character trapped in a different environment. As a player, you have to take control of the character and escape from the creepy environment. The graphics are amazing with a very user-friendly control. The player also has to keep an eye out for jump scare which is hard due to amazing sound effects.

If you missed an opportunity to play the Silent Hill P.T. like me, then you will especially love Mental Hospital IV. The 4th chapter in the series is a combo of Silent Hill P.T. and the Outlast game mechanics. You have to keep pass through the same corridors again & again which highly resembles the Silent Hill P.T. You also have a Handycam just like Outlast,to navigate through dark areas.


These doesn’t mean that game is perfect. There are bound to be few cons. Since the graphics are very high, you will need a device with high enough juice to play it smoothly. There are also few bugs which you may encounter. The biggest issue is about the game not being completely free,which I can understand. The demo version of the game contains advertisements which may ruin your game experience,but you can always turn off the WiFi/Internet connection to solve that. The full version costs less than 1$,which in my opinion is dirt cheap to make it a part of free android horror games.

Download : Mental Hospital IV Lite

2. Sinister Edge 


Sinister Edge is a first person horror adventure game. The story revolves around a character searching for his lost family. The player has to explore the area to find various items to continue on the path. The search for the items will also reveal the clues which will uncover the mystery bit by bit. But remember, you are not alone. The game has surprisingly dark atmosphere with good graphics. Unlike other games, the dark atmosphere does not hinder player to fully experience the environment.

The Sinister Edge is specially designed as VR(Virtual Reality) game. The game supports various VR platforms like Google Cardboard,Archos VR,HTC vive and so on. An external gamepad is also supported by the game,which makes the game more enjoyable.


Yep,you guessed it,there are few cons. The camera control can be bothersome even after adjusting its sensitivity. The game also tends to get laggy sometimes, but it maybe also due to my device. Lat but not least, the game is not completely free. The demo version consists of 30% of the total game with advertisements. The full version costs around 2$.

Download : Sinister Edge-3D Horror Game

3.Dark corridors 2 


Dark Corridors 2 is an endless running horror game. If you love endless running games like Temple Run & Subway Surfer,then this game is suitable for you. The game has same mechanics and controls as the other games in this category. Swipe to jump, swipe to slide and tilt control & so on. The story is about a girl who committed suicide and events after that. The game features four different characters where three characters are unlockable with in-game currency. Each character has its own different side missions. Completing side missions will unlock a piece of character’s story. The mystery will be uncovered as you slowly unlock stories of every character.

There are different unlockable costumes for the character along with various powerups. The game also has its own short movie linked to the main menu. The 10-minute short movie is not scary,but it will give you a general idea about game’s story. It will also give you some premium game currency. But do not underestimate the game. You will think that game is not scary at all in the beginning, but as you progress to different areas, the creepiness will break through another level. I still haven’t managed to get past the third area. That’s why it’s included as one of the free android horror games.


The game uses premium currency to revive the player during the run. But other than that, there are not any disadvantage. The game is completely free and does not have any advertisements.

Download: Dark Corridors 2

4. Stay With Us


Stay With Us is a Horror Survival Game. The story follows years after a young girl’s death. The main character is transported to the graveyard where he used to play as a child. Now as a player, you have to escape the graveyard and survive from the girl’s ghost(I wonder why ghosts are always girls). As you explore the dark graveyard, you have to be constantly on the move since the ghost can catch you anytime. The light is your friend. Hide in the light to escape from the ghost’s grasp and collect the candles.Because why not? You got nothing better to do anyway.

The graphics are good,but same can’t be said about the artwork. The background sound is eerie which matches the graveyard environment. There are also jump scares here and there. Lastly, I found the controls very smooth with consistent framerates. The game concept is similar to slender man games,but with a different enemy.


This game also suffers from the same curse as other free games, that is Advertisements. Other than that, the game is completely free without any in-game purchases.

Download : Stay With Us

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Yeah,don’t worry.It’s the name of the game, not another strange error message. This game is a Horror Survival game. The game talks about a strange place where people feels various emotions once they enter. When the person enters into deeper parts of the place, all the radio communications are jammed. On top of it, the place is closed for 2 hours and person inside never comes back. Many people have gone missing in this place. But still somehow, the main character still decides to enter that place and now it’s your job to deal with the character’ stupidity.

This game is very small in size,but still packs a surprise. The area is generated randomly every time you play, so it will still fun to challenge game again after you completed ones. But it also leads to a drawback. Sometimes there won’t be any scary situations even after you play for a long time. The controls are little laggy and will take a little bit of time to get used to it. The jumpscares are good and the sound is also great. It is one of a kind among free android horror games due to its unique setting.


The whole game can be considered as a demo since the developer is planning to build a solid game upon this idea. The game is completely free and does not have any in-game purchases.

Download : SCP-087-B 

6. The Fear – Creepy Scream House 


The Fear: Creepy Scream House is a Horror Survival Game. The story follows the main character and his missing family. The ex-dead wife is back from the grave and has kidnapped the character’s family. As a player, you must explore various levels while surviving from the crazy ghost. As to make things harder, you also have to find missing items to continue on your path. Be aware of the ghost, as she will  try to kill you along the way.

The game has decent graphics and lot of unique jump scares compare to other games. There is also cinematics which is kinda rare for free indie games. The sound is creepy and you have to keep an ear out for sudden screams. Follow the story as you try to rescue your family from your crazy ex-wife.


There are a number of known issues affecting the gameplay experience. First, the controls are not that good and have sensitivity problems. Second, there are advertisements. I recommend to turn off the internet connection for better gameplay. And lastly, the game lags from time to time, but it may be due to my device.

Download : The Fear: Creepy Scream House

7. Slendrina Series 


Slendrina games are developed by an indie developer. All games share the same survival horror genre. Each game focuses on a different area which includes asylum, school etc. As a player, your objective is to find missing items depending on the game and make your escape. But remember, Slendrina is always watching you.

The games are powered by Unity engine which can guarantee amazing graphics. The controls are smooth and the gameplay itself is lag free. You can choose from four different difficulty settings depending on your preference. The level is randomly generated every time which makes the game even more challenging. The player has to explore the area to find objective items alongside various other items.


The player also has to maintain his/her health by finding medkits. The health will drop every time the player encounters the Slendrina. The jump scares are a major charm of these games and will vary depending on chosen difficulty level. If you are a fan of the Slenderman, then this game is for you.

Do remember to turn off the internet connection as the game has advertisements.

Download : Slendrina Games

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So what do you think about these games? Did you find them scary or was it child’s play for you? Leave a comment below if you know any other great free android horror games excluding the mainstream games. Because I do not believe in the term ” Too much Horror”!

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  1. You really have to play The school : White day.
    It is the best horror game.The graphics is awesome and great story line with 8 different endings based on your choices and game play.

    If you liked it please reply me I would like to know how you felt about this game.

  2. So far, one of my favorite games is Dark Corridors 2, because of not just the creepiness and the endless running and challenges but also because the controls are easier. ^^

    Hoping to find more like that and they won’t take up so much ram.

  3. You can still play Silent Hill P.T., you just have to find it online and sideload it. Just make sure you go to a trustworthy website and run a good security app (I like Bluebox Security’s offerings).

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