Function Point Software: Project Management Made Easy for Your Business

Function point is a project management software that is designed to offer everything that a business could ever meet for managing your projects and tasks all-in-one neat package.

Function Point Productivity Software Inc. offers features in project management, resource management, accounting and invoicing, business intelligence, as well as collaboration. Within project management, there are time tracking features, task management, resource management, ability to create Gantt charts, display dependencies, as well as a generation of project briefs, file sharing, and much more! When your business is growing, the complexity and size of the projects that your business is taking on will undoubtedly be growing accordingly alongside. This means a lot more factors and problems to deal with and manage and every aspect – including important points to reach, which resources to use when, managing the stakeholders in your business, as well as keeping control of the budgets and tasks.

Function point software is extremely easy to adapt to exactly what your business needs, it can be fully customised and allow for you and your business to use it to track exactly what areas of your business you want. For example, it allows you to track your employees work for what interactive Gantt charts, to delegate jobs are tasks to your workforce using the task management feature, it allows you to insure that every project is going as it should and is lying with as planned using the project brief feature. It also allows for you to closely analyse the dealings that your clients have with your business, and provides data based upon these.

Function point software can also allow you to vastly improve upon the control that you have over the workflow of your business. For example, function point software includes the ability to organize the tasks that you feel are most important in your business the current time using the to-do lists feature. It also allows you to go back over past projects and change them using the bulk editing feature, this can be a massive time saver and therefore money saver for your business. Function point software offers even more time saving capabilities with the possibility to repeat previous jobs and schedules, and also to track those jobs and schedules taking place at the present time using the integrated calendar.

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Function point software does not only offer project management tools however – it offers a huge amount more. The Resource Management features of function point home in on the fact that you, as a business owner or task manager, cannot always be sure on how long a proposed task or job will take, and how well your team will take care of that proposed job or task. Normally, without the use of function point software, you could be at risk of putting your team under too much pressure and thereby not delivering jobs on time and resultantly not making maximum profits. Function Point’s resource management area aims to help with this.

The resource management area of function point aims to provide you with information as to returns on investment, how well any particular task or job is performing at the present time and provides information as to the areas of this that could be improved in order to gain the most from the task. Function point therefore allows you to guess how successful a project might be, as well as the ability to repeat those methodologies that were successful in the past using the “job templates” section of resource management. Resource management is also extremely handy and that it allows you to make sure that any stakeholders in your project are informed on the happenings of the project – this can be done via the “Client Portal.”

The “accounting and invoicing” section of the function point software is extremely useful. Function point’s account and invoicing aims to provide all of the tools that you need for successful accounting and invoicing in one part of the system. It aims to provide you with all of the features and tools that you could possibly need for your business’s accounts, and aims to provide these to be as quick and profitable as possible once integrated.

It has many features, including “Quickbooks Intergration” that makes invoicing quicker than ever before. It also allows you to track timesheets with the customisable rates feature, and to closely monitor all expenses of your business, both those internal and external, via “integrated invoicing.” It also has a feature that allows for you to keep track of all costs such as a staffing and overheads, allowing you to manage and take care of expenses at the same time. With function point’s accounting and invoicing, you will be able to examine only those numbers that are important to you – this saves you time from rifling through a huge number of documents to find these in the first place.

Function point’s accounting and invoicing centre will provide you with a concentrated view of only those numbers that you want to see, i.e those that are important when trying to find out the profit and losses of your business for any length of time. Function point’s software allows you to view a high level of all things that matter in terms of your accounts and invoices by providing profit information on each project that has been completed, as well as financial report and estimations on currents jobs. It also has an extremely useful feature allowing the user to search through timesheets for those hours that have to be paid for, as well as those that do not.

Adopting function point software will benefit your business in more ways than you can imagine. Typical tasks that you accept take a long time at present will no longer exist, you will save time in a vast number of areas, with the profits section of the accounting and invoicing being particularly useful. Function Point software will provide you with invaluable data on so many areas of you business that before you may have never thought to look for, as well data that you would have spent a great deal of time trying to obtain previously.

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