Get Android Notifications on your Desktop

Do you spend most of your time on desktop or laptop? May be you’re programming nerd or a facebook addict. You will surely like if you get your android smartphone notification on your desktop.

An android app named Notification+ can do that for you. Notification+ tracks a notification and sends it to your chrome browser using an extension. The workaround is pretty simple. Let’s have a look at the app and make your chrome and desktop able to receive the notification.
Right after downloading the app you need to register your Google account (The one you use for chrome). As it uses a chrome extension it needs to track some of your basic info. After that you need to give access to your notifications. Press the grant access button and it’ll directly take you to the accessibility settings. Over there under the services sections you’ll find Notification+ is turned off. Turn it on by swapping the marker. It also asks you for password that you’ll need to add in the chrome extension.

After you’re done with setting up the app, download its chrome extension. The extension will ask you register your browser. After that it’ll ask you enter the password that you had entered in the app. And your browser will be successfully registered.

Now you need to check if you’re browser correctly tracking the notification. You can do that by sending a test notification in the settings tab. Tap on the test notification and you should get a test notification in your chrome. It will also work when chrome is closed. Make sure you’ve configured your chrome to get notification from background apps.


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The app will automatically track for notifications. You can filter out apps from which you don’t want notifications. You can set the chrome notification timeout. The card that pops up. One of the limited functionality is that the card doesn’t appear on a click. To unlock the feature you need to purchase a pro key and also you’ll need Android 4.3+ device. You can get the key by tapping on the yellow bar of limited functionality.

The app is really unique and cool. It was added in ATF’s list of best apps of March 2014. The developer deserves a download of pro key by me.

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