Get Windows 7 Style Start Menu and Enhanced Windows Explorer in Windows 10

Around 110 Million users have upgraded to Windows 10. Some users still miss the classy look and feel and elegance of Windows 7’s start menu. If you’re one of theme don’t worry. Your wish is about to be fulfilled with Classic shell. Classic shell provides you a total copy of Windows 7 start menu in Windows 10. Let us dig in more how can you get this Windows 7 style start menu in Windows 10.

How to Get Windows 7 Style start menu in Windows 10 using Classic Shell


I do like Windows 10 start menu. It’s clean, Elegant and has metro apps. But Bro ‘Old is Gold’. If you agree with me on that let’s bring Windows 7 start menu back to life.

First, download Classic shell and install it in whatever language you want. Installation is pretty quick. Just around 2 MB of files. It won’t ask you to download other junk software along with it. (We have shared before on how can you automatically uncheck junk software during software installation.)

Right after installation you’ll get Windows 7 start menu. But the skin will be still of Windows 10. In order to change the skin. Right click on start menu and hit settings. It will take you to Class shell settings.


Here you can select Start Menu style. Styles include the most classic version of Windows 7 start menu, menu with two columns and the ultimate Windows 7 style. You can also set your own start button. Here are some cool start button icons you can apply. Created by W1CK3DMATT.

Changing Skin

Now you got to change the skin. Click on the skin tab and select Windows Aero Skin which will get you the pure Windows 7 style start Menu. There are other skins too. Including the classic the most classy version you can ever imagine. Windows 8 skin with just some metro UI in it. Then the midnight black and Metro which you had by default before.


For specific you get skin options to change the look and feel the way you want. If you messed up. Hit Reset skin and will be back to normal.

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Basic Settings

The basic setting is overall settings that will be applied to all skins. One thing to note that Windows 10 start menu has gone nowhere. Shift + Right click on the start menu and it will appear. You can also hit Win + Shift if you’re more of a keyboard user. Also, you can set Windows key option to show classic start Menu.

If you don’t want the classic start menu every time you start your PC then just uncheck “Start automatically for this user”. Class menu until you open its .EXE. In basic settings, you get a bunch of options including what shutdown button will do. You can make it hibernate your PC every time you click it.

If you want more settings and want to totally personalize start menu then hit “show all settings” in the top right corner. Here you’ll get settings for language and also settings for Taskbar in “Windows 10 settings” tab. You can make it “Glass” look. Which didn’t work? And also set its opacity.

Enhanced Windows Explorer

Along with the Start Menu, you can also change the look and feel of Windows explorer. It adds a toolbar for performing the common action like copy, past, see properties and email a file.


If you don’t see it then click on View and under Options you’ll get classic explorer. In the classic explorer toolbar settings, you can change add more action. To get Classic explorer settings just search for “classic explorer” in Windows search.

It will also enable the status bar to show all information of a selected file. Including its size, date created and file type. There are settings for Internet explorer but we didn’t care to even look at it.

Final Words

Classic shell has given us back our beloved Windows 7 start menu. I would also like to see the Copy UI of Windows 7 in further updates. It was pretty cool. I liked that you could do a lot of customization with the product they provided. And it’s all for FREE. Looking forward to some great updates.

Let us know what do you think of this Windows 7 style start Menu. Is their other software that can do the same or much more? Let us know down in the comments.

9.0Overall Score
Classic Shell

Great customization features with start menu and Windows explorer. Would have given a 10 if some customizations worked in Windows 10.

  • Customization
  • Usability
  • Design

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