Give Me Power Gives you Administrator Access with Just one Click

The Microsoft have upgraded the security of Windows operating systems in recent versions. Compared to Windows XP , newer versions like Win 7/8/8.1 have far more security options . But with great security comes great problems. One of them would be Administrator access. Every now on then , while browsing thorough computer , a pop-up window will come up stating “Access is denied”. Because, you do not possess enough not have administrator access.

Administrator access  is required to install different software on the system and to roam wildly around system files. Even though when having administrator user-right , windows may still give access-denied error. Surely you can try and play around with settings to get administrator right like suggested here . But a more simple solution is a tool named GiveMePower.


GiveMePower is very simple & easy to use. The tool is a executable .exe file which means no installation is required. The tool will barely take 500 KB in hard drive , but don’t judge a book by its cover. The tool UI is neat and have only one button named ” Browse” . Like name suggests, computer can be browsed but what’s make it different?  Browsing through GiveMePower will automatically give Administrator access to every little file in computer.

So to keep things simple , how it can be useful ? Any file or software can be accessed with tool which can’t be accessed normally due to not having administrator right. Just open the file/software from the “Browse” button of tool and you are good to go. It won’t ask for the administrator rights.

Download : Give Me Power {GMP}

#On a Side Note

With the GiveMePower tool , you can access every files in computer, which also includes system files which were hidden. Tempering with them can give different errors and also may damage operating system. With that said, feel free to browse around & do not worry if all hell breaks loose. You can always use Rescue Disks to Diagnose Errors in Windows .


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