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Time recently shared some google search tips saying it be provided by the Googlers themselves. (For those unaware of who are called Googlers? The employees working at Google are called Googlers. Not the ones who search on Google.)Well, Google updates their algorithm for search and simultaneously they do bring some new useful stuff users can apply while search. We’ve already shared some searching tips and some of them do match with the one’s that were in the time’s article.

So, here are some new tips and tricks provided by Time that you can apply while Googling. But, excluding the ones that are apparently not new.


1. Search 100 years old Newspapers

That’s freaking amazing that Google has archived more than 100 years old newspapers online. That can be really helpful for researchers. We can actually learn of what happened in past and may be innovate it make it successfully run it in present.(Hope you got me what I want to say.)  Head over to this page to learn more about it.

2. Compare Foods

Use “vs.”(without quotes) to compare food. For example: cake vs. pastry. But, unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I didn’t get separate card presenting the difference as shown below in the screenshot taken by Google.

3. Tilt Google

Search “tilt” and the Google search page will get tilted by some degrees. Same is the thing on smartphones too.

4. Atari Breakout

Well, this something new but, we had not shared it in our previous article. Searching “atari breakout” in image search will start a the game where you’ll have to breakout all images. Well, I must say Google make their products simple and cool.

5. Find similar images or source of that Image

May be you have an image and want to find similar images to that or may be find the source of that image, where did it come from? Google’s image search can help you with that. Upload a photo using the camera button and boom you get the source(if there is one) and the similar images too.

6. Flip a Coin

Speak in Google mic “Flip a coin” and it will literally flip a coin for you. Or else you can speak “heads or tails”.
For more tricks and tips you can head over to the main article. We’ve just mentioned here some interesting and new ones.

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