A Guide to the Ultimate Gaming Room

Through the years, gaming has become more and more popular. Fans amass in their millions for the latest releases, whether their games or the consoles to play them on. It’s undeniable, the gaming industry is booming, and many are eager to immerse themselves in other worlds in the best ways possible.

Whether it’s the latest iteration of your favorite console or quality cable makers from RS Components, there’s everything to play for here in upgrading your den. There’s always a chance to enhance your gaming experience, and one of these methods is by creating the perfect gaming sanctuary.
Consequently, here’s a quick guide to help you put together the ultimate gaming room.

Plug Extensions

When you’re gaming, it’s unlikely that you’re just gaming. You might have your phone nearby to reply to texts from your friends, a laptop beside you to scroll through Twitter and Instagram, and perhaps even other machines like fans or lights to keep running. Consequently, there’s nothing more annoying in this scenario than running out of sockets to keep everything charged and powered!
Well, plug extensions are a basic bit of tech, but they’re often overlooked by much of the gaming community. They’re a must-have buy for gamers, simply because they can offer up a whopping ten more sockets. You can keep everything running at once as you game, and perhaps even keep a PlayStation and Xbox powered all at once. Of course, if you have multiple consoles, it can be annoying to reach behind televisions and swap out cables in the dark. However, if you keep them all plugged in at once, the job is done forever!

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Mini Fridge

The implementation of a plug extension means luxury can now come barrelling your way. Those long gaming sessions sometimes need to go uninterrupted, particularly if you’re playing a story-centric game like The Last of Us. Moreover, you could be needing a long gaming experience if you’re adventuring in a dungeon in an MMORPG. Well, if you’re in it for the long haul, the mini fridge has got you covered.

Think about it, when you’re in the midst of an important cutscene and get a little thirsty, the last thing you want to do is go to the kitchen for a drink while family members try to small talk with you. Additionally, you don’t want to be thinking about how thirsty you are while an important plot point is playing out on screen. Invest in a mini fridge and have your chilled drinks and snacks to hand, and you never need to leave your den for a few more hours yet!

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LED Lights

There are standard lights, then there are LED ultra-wattage mega awesome gaming lights. After all, sitting in the dark while looking at screens has been scientifically proven to speed up blindness, so do watch out. While gaming can feel like you’re adopting new personas and living the life of a hero, damaging your eyes is far from cool.
Invest in some LED lighting tubes or strips, and strategically place them around the corners of the room or drape them across shelves. While they’re there for the safety of your eyes, they can also serve up as some very effective mood lighting too. A delightful red or orange glow can lend some warmth to your room and turns what would otherwise be a dark, dank lair into a cozy, aesthetically pleasing base.

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