Get HD Nature Wallpapers Everyday with Wonderwall [Android]

Wonderwall is an android app that provides you HD Nature wallpapers everyday for your smartphone. The catch about this app is that it gives you those wallpapers that are meant to be seen in portrait viewing mode, which is the view your smartphone has. While other wallpaper android apps crop wallpapers that are made for desktops (ie. Landscape mode) into portrait mode.

The wallpapers are pretty good. You get features like Autoset to automatically set wallpapers everyday. One wallpaper is hand picked everyday to be shown on your device. Other features include history to keep track of already used wallpapers so that you can find that wallpaper once you liked so much. Next is favorites to select the most Favorited ones.

You also get to submit your own wallpapers which of course verified first. Your request to submit will be ignored if you didn’t follow the given submission rules. You can find them in submit tab. The app doesn’t fall short in giving credits to photographers of the wallpaper. Every wallpaper you click on will give you more information about the photographer, date added and whole bunch of camera related information including Camera name, ISO, Aperture, Exposure and Focal length.

You can rate wallpapers and view it in different categories including Mountains, sea, Bridge, Waterfall, Fog, Urban, etc. You need to have internet connection to be able to see all wallpapers. There’s no caching available. Well, that’s good. There’s no need for it even. You won’t be opening this app frequently like Instagram. The biggest plus one for this app that it’s Ad-free.

The wallpapers are crisp. Though I found some of them to be dull and less vibrant. New wallpapers are added everyday. Depending on the submissions that are accepted. You can have a conversation about the app with the 19 year Old developer from Belgium over here.

Also, don’t forget to tell us what you think about this app. Below is our ratings for the app.

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