5 High-Tech Trends That Are Revolutionizing SEO

Search Engine Optimization is ruling the world, it has become an important aspect of marketing and generating brand awareness. In fact, it would not be wrong to claim that SEO has become epochal for companies to gain competitive advantage. In a world where everything has gone online, no one would like to lose on the millions of visitors who hit the virtual world every day. Similar to other technologies, SEO also keeps on changing. You would have often heard about Google changing the algorithm for search mechanism. A good SEO agency keeps themselves updated with all these developments and render the services based on the latest update done by the popular search engine. In order to stay abreast with the latest changes and implementing the same, it becomes important for companies to find out ways in which this can be achieved. Here are the 5 high-tech trends that will revolutionize SEO.

1. Artificial Engine and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence, powered by machine learning, it sounds so technically advanced term but is a common trend nowadays. It has the potential to positively influence the search engine. For example, Google’s RankBrain (machine learning artificial intelligence system) makes the search engine interpret the query better and provide an accurate result. It does the same by finding out the meaning of the ambiguous query and also helps in ranking the search results with the help of unique and situation a specific combination of factors.

2. Voice Search

Voice search has become very common nowadays. As per reports of Google, currently, 55% teens and 40% adults make use of voice search. This can be revolution pay when it comes to the search engine because the voice search works differently than the search we normally do. The voice search is more conversational. It means that there needs to be a change in how we do the keyword search. And at the same time, we need to change the language we use to create content. The first move towards this is to understand customer’s conversational tone. Moreover, the search engine pattern of comprehending the conversational tone and phrases that the customer uses to describe their problem needs to be done.

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TF means Term Frequency and IDF means Inverse Document Frequency. It is used to index web pages. It is t=used to calculate the importance of a keyword or phrase in a specific content.

How Term Frequency is Calculated- Frequency means the number of times a word appears in a particular document divided by the number of words in a document For example, in a particular article if a word AB this article is repeated 7 times and total word in the article is 4096 , then TF would be 7/4096 = 7/4096 = 0.00170898

IDF or The inverse document frequency shows how common a particular term occurs in the document.

Google is making use of it and is helping the marketers understand how important a particular content is for a company. However, one must not solely rely on this as one might try to stuff the keyword, there are other determining factors which play a role in boosting search engine ranking along with TF*IDF.

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4. SEO is not only about Google

Most of the companies believe that they must craft their website as per the algorithm set by Google, but the fact of the matter is that there are other search engines. So, the companies must draft their content in a manner that it not only ranks high on Google but also on other search engines. A good SEO agency like hqseo.co.uk will help you develop content which is optimized as per the requirement of different search engines. For example, if a customer is searching for an app then your content must show up on ranking in the app store as well. Make sure that in 2019, you develop your content as per the requirement of all the search engines and not make it Google specifically

5. Visual Content Is King

It is true that good content an drive the traffic and influence the viewers. Do you know that Facebook post with images gets 2.3 times more views as compared to the ones that don’t have any image? The fact of the matter is that pictures instantly captures the attention. A viewer might need just a few seconds to comprehend the image while reading may demand more time investment, thus the companies need to focus more on visual content, ie creating a visually rich content which not only delivers information but also influences the audiences. If a company wishes to make the most out of their online presence it is important that it must have a multi-media strategy that will help in boosting its virtual presence.


The crux of the matter is that search engines are dynamic and they are ever changing. Every time you would hear Google making changes in its search algorithm. Sticking to old rules may not benefit you. Thus, its advisable to contact a good SEO agency that can help in creating a rich content.

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